'Crooked Joe instead of Sleepy Joe': Trump reassigns nicknames while ranting about indictments

'Crooked Joe instead of Sleepy Joe': Trump reassigns nicknames while ranting about indictments
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Thrice-indicted ex-President Donald Trump reassigned nicknames that he has for his political opponents during a speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday, mere hours before Judge Tanya Sue Chutkan of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia scheduled a Friday hearing to decide whether to grant Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith's request for a protective order on accused criminal defendant Trump.

Chutkan ordered Trump to "not commit any more crimes" at his arraignment in Washington, DC last Thursday, where he pleaded not guilty to the four federal felonies that Smith filed against him for allegedly attempting to overturn the 2020 election and deprive American citizens of their civil rights.

"You've heard your conditions of release. It is important you comply to your conditions of release. You may be held pending trial in this case, if you violate conditions of release," Chutkan told Trump, who agreed to not engage in behavior such as witness tampering. Trump's short-lived compliance ended with social media attacks on Smith, Chutkan, and other public figures, prompting Smith to file for an order of protection, which Chutkan added to Friday's docket.

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In New Hampshire, Trump vowed to keep saying whatever he wants, which today included labeling Smith a "thug."

Trump disparaged Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis — reportedly nearing completion of a case against Trumpworld characters for trying to reverse Trump's 2020 loss in Georgia — as a "racist" who had an "affair" with a "gang member" (which is false).

Trump's attacks were also aimed at his 2024 Republican presidential primary rival and erstwhile friend, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whom Trump passively called a "fat pig" by instructing the audience not to do just that.

Trump directed his hypotheticals toward President Joe Biden and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton too:

He's a compromised candidate. And I'll tell you something. Out of respect for the office of president, I didn't talk this way five weeks ago, six weeks ago. I knew I felt very badly about what was going on. But out of respect for the office of the president, I wouldn't have said the way I talk.

He's a crooked person. He's a totally dishonest guy, so we'd say things, but, but, we, now, I even changed his name. I took it away from Hillary and we call him Crooked Joe instead of Sleepy Joe. We call him Crooked Joe. I retired it. That was a great day for Hillary. Instead of crooked Hillary, I said, 'We're removing the name from Crooked Hillary. Now we call her Beautiful. Beautiful Hillary. It's a beautiful woman, and we're giving it to Biden because he's a crooked person. But out of respect for the office, I would never have said that to this extent, and I never did. But now they indicted your president, your former president.

Watch below via The Daily Beast's Justin Baragona or at this link.

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