'Choosing teenage sex': Lauren Boebert roasted for defending teen son impregnating underage girlfriend

'Choosing teenage sex': Lauren Boebert roasted for defending teen son impregnating underage girlfriend
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United States Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) boasted during a recent interview with the right-wing advocacy group Moms for America about her seventeen-year-old son Tyler having impregnated his underage girlfriend.

Boebert announced in March that she is excited to be a "thirty-six-year-old grandmother" and has refused to disclose the teen mother-to-be's age, revealing only that she is some number "over fourteen."

Boebert, who secured a second term in 2022 by a mere 546 votes, opposes abortion, is against teaching young students about human reproduction, and was herself an adolescent parent.

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Boebert told a correspondent covering Moms for America that "my oldest son, um, he is going to be a dad in April, the beginning of April. And I, I, I made the, the announcement because I, I want to encourage so many people, um, that life wins. Life is a good thing. This is never something that is, um, going to destroy your life by adding more life to it. And so I, I'm so happy that, um, my son, uh, and, and his girlfriend chose life."

But many social media observers recoiled at the views expressed by Boebert, who is also a millionaire many times over.

The Mrs.Gravely: "Basically she's encouraging and supporting underage, unprotected sex."

That's HEDLEY!: "Between this and the car accident, he's a real winner. Acorn < tree."

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Choc O'Phile: "She's pro-white babies. It's as simple as that. This is just another facet of her racism. A couple weeks ago, when she talked about rural birth rates, that was a dog whistle for white birth rates."

Bobbie: "Any idea how a 17 yr old and 15 yr old plan on supporting this 'life?'"

Merrily Awaiting: "Knocking up underage girls is so courageous."

bmichael: "No, you made the announcement to GET AHEAD OF THE STORY, period. A decent parent would have had a talk about methods to prevent pregnancy, but not Boober, the cheap little tart."

Biltong Baggins: "Well good thing about those Christian values."

RK: "No 15 year old is ready to make that choice."

Charles Evans: "Choosing teenage sex."

iye: "The hypocrisy is what kills me. This same girl voted against reproductive healthcare and other programs (feeding school kids) that could possibly help teenagers who make similar mistakes i.e teenage pregnancies."

UpNorth on Superior: "Absolutely pathetic. There's NO justification for a child to impregnate another child. Give it up, Bobo."

Watch Boebert's remarks below or at this link.

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