'Spectacularly obtuse white supremacy': Charlie Kirk lambasted for asking if 'white people' get reparations

'Spectacularly obtuse white supremacy': Charlie Kirk lambasted for asking if 'white people' get reparations

Right-wing host Charlie Kirk is curious about whether white people will receive reparations.

Jason Campbell shared a clip of Kirk's rant via Twitter, writing, "Charlie Kirk warns of reparations: 'Do white people get money because our ancestors, 600,000 of them, died in the Civil War so that Blacks could be free?'"

Campbell follows up with a fact-check of the right-wing host's assertion, saying, "The government paid veteran's pensions for the Civil War all the way until 2020. Also, nearly 40,000 Black soldiers died in the Civil War."

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Kirk continued, "You are going to live in a country where white people are gonna be forced to give money to Black people for something you did not do, for something you are not connected to, just because you look like somebody who did something bad."

He also asked "what if a child is half white, half Black.. do they pay reparations to themselves?"

"It is illegal and racist to ask a Black to go show ID when you vote," Kirk said, "but somehow you're going to be able to have a Black show all of the paperwork that they are descendants of slaves?"

In addition to sharing commentary on his show, the conservative podcaster also tweeted Thursday, "The US is considering asking blacks on the census if their ancestors were slaves, presumably to gather reparations data. What if your ancestors are slave owners and slaves? Do I get a rebate if my ancestors fought to free the slaves? Can you identify as a descendant of slaves?"

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In 2022, Cal Matters reported Black Californians could potentially qualify for reparations after Governor Gavin Newsom launched a slavery Reparations Task Force in 2020. The state's democratic lawmakers are now considering the ways "Black residents can qualify for the program," and will submit "final recommendations to the State Legislature" in June.

According to Cal Matters, the residents could receive payments "for housing discrimination, incarceration, and health disparities alone."

Twitter lambasted Kirk for his uneducated commentary around the issue.

@BrewJew308: "Well if it isn't spectacularly obtuse white supremacist @charliekirk11, tearing the veil off of the Confederacy and finally admitting the Civil War was in fact, NOT about any States' rights bullshit, and solely about owning black human beings."

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@TheVernonTouch: "Charlie continues failing miserably at being a human being."

@Derek_Sutton: "The irony is most conservatives will say the Civil War was not about slavery but "state's rights" but here he is saying it was ONLY about slavery. Amazing how they talk out of both sides of their mouth to make information fit their narrative and only their narrative."

@babetician: "More proof of the need for critical race theory to be taught."

Sara Miller: "Did Charlie Kirk just acknowledge that *gasp… the Civil War WAS about slavery?!?"

@snarkasonne: "Wait I thought the civil war was about states rights?"

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@PETEKEELEY: "I, for one, support Charlie's plan to have Southern states pay reparations to the descendants of Union soldiers."

@ElonBribeHorse: "Jesus Christ conservatives read a book . Just one White people did get reparations in the aftermath of the civil war"

@BareftContesaAZ: "What a fríggìn racist."

Matthew Rettenmund: "Wait, don't right-wingers claim the Civil War WASN'T about slavery?"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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Cal Matters' full report is available at this link.

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