'A demented city': Fox News host belittles San Francisco over reparations

'A demented city': Fox News host belittles San Francisco over reparations
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Fox News anchor Greg Gutfield on Thursday unleashed a diatribe against proposals to provide reparations to eligible Black residents of San Francisco, California to atone for the United States' history of enslaving human beings.

The potential benefits – of which there are more than a hundred, according to a Tuesday PBS News Hour report – include a $5,000,000 payment, the chance to purchase a home for one dollar, tax breaks for Black-owned businesses, and opportunities for free or nearly free higher education.

Conservatives have complained that the program is unnecessary and wasteful. Gutfield's argument on The Five, however, went much further.

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"This is near to your home city where you grew up and it's a place that you used to love," co-host Dana Perino commented.

"Yeah this is, uh, Harold is right. No one should be taking this seriously at all. This is hilarious. It's probably one of the funniest things I've ever heard. So why is it so ludicrous? Why, why did – they did this on purpose. They don't want this. What they want is to divide people, to create another commotion over race. If you had an actual, practical plan over this, it would be modest, it would probably include – it probably wouldn't even include payouts at all. It would be about education. That’s what it would be. It would be about, okay, part of this reparations, and we got to trace it back to who had slaves, who didn't have slaves, blah blah, this is going to take forever. But, if we can figure this out, you don't pay for education. You get the best education there is. That is called a – that’s a reparation. This is designed by people who don't – who are hiding their classism behind their racism," an incensed Gutfield said.

"I mean, they're hiding their classism by a race war. So, if we weren't sitting here talking about this, we'd be looking at Pelosi, we'd be looking at Newsom, we'd be looking at the crazy lady on the board," he continued. "These are all – it's amazing, white leftists do worse things to Blacks than the Aryan Nations ever could."

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But Gutfield also threw in additional petty gripes.

"I mean, it is absolutely incredible how horrible these people – the big losers in this, just by bringing this up, are real estate agents. How do you make money selling homes for a dollar? And the big winner is U-Haul, because even if this doesn't happen, it plants a seed in everybody's head that Frisco is a demented city that's getting more and more demented," he declared. "Get the hell, get the hell out of there, even though this is never gonna happen."

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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