Noah Berlatsky

12 Rules For Spitting on the Poor

Self-help books have no politics. Indeed, in self-help books, there is, to quote Margaret Thatcher out of context, “No such thing as society.”

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A Dangerous Campaign Against Sex Trafficking Has Bipartisan Support

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois has a reputation as one of the most moderate Republicans in Congress. And a big part of that reputation for moderation has been earned through his enthusiastic leadership of bipartisan efforts to target and criminalize sex workers.

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The Enduring Racism of Wonder Woman

Earlier this week, images of the character Hippolyta riding on horseback emerged from the Italian set of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. The photos came on the heels of the release of the first still from the movie, complete with badass Amazonian warrior women glowering at you from Paradise Island.

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The Numbers Are Shocking: Over a Third of Killings by Police Are of Disabled People

When Eric Garner was choked to death by police, his race, and the longstanding issue of police violence in African-American communities, was highlighted in news reports. His last words, "I can't breathe," became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement. But other aspects of his death were largely ignored in the press. Garner had asthma and a heart condition. Like one third to one half of all those killed by police, he was disabled.

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Sacred Knowledge: How Psychedelics Shaped An Academic's Life

In 1963, then-psychology grad student William A Richards was studying in Germany when he volunteered to take part in an experiment with psychedelics. The result was transformative. He saw an “exquisitely beautiful, multidimensional network of intricate, neon-like patterns”. Then, as he tells us in his new book, Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences, felt he then fused with them until, “My awareness was flooded with love, beauty, and peace beyond anything I ever had known or wildly imagined to be possible.”

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She-Hulk Is Not a 'Giant Green Porn Star': How Female Superheroes Become a Male Power Fantasy

For the most part, the major superhero properties at Marvel and DC Comics were created for guys by guys who were, to put it kindly, not especially enlightened when it came to gender issues. Early Superman comics featured images of naughty girls getting spanked (“Iam doing it— and do I love it!” the spanker declares). Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Invisible Girl (because girls just kind of fade into the background, you know?). The first issue of X-Men shows Marvel Girl/Jean Grey being ogled and harassed by her X-peers while Professor X looks on benignly. Examples continue right on up to our own day, in which Starfire is an amnesiac sex-doll and Catwoman appears to be menaced by her own rear end.

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40 Year Careers: 11 Artists Who Are Still Great After Four Decades

Music stars and trends in the age of mass culture tend to be ephemeral things. Beyoncé seems like a musical marathoner for lasting 15 years, while bands like the Rolling Stones are considered among the greatest ever because everyone knows that after 20 years most anything you do doesn’t count. Still, there are some performers who manage to be great, and still be great, and continue to be great after a decade or two. Here is my list of performers who are — or were — still making worthwhile music 40 years or more after they started:

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