'They got nothin': Elizabeth Warren torches Republicans for fighting against student debt relief

'They got nothin': Elizabeth Warren torches Republicans for fighting against student debt relief
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United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) defended President Joe Biden's Student Debt Relief Plan on Sunday's edition of Meet the Press just days after a conservative federal judge declared that Biden's executive action was illegal.

Judge Mark Pittman of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, ruled on Thursday that Biden's "program is thus an unconstitutional exercise of Congress’s legislative power and must be vacated." CNN noted on Friday that "the Texas lawsuit was filed by a conservative group, the Job Creators Network Foundation, in October on behalf of two borrowers who did not qualify for debt relief." Pittman's order forced the government to shutter its application portal.

The Justice Department immediately appealed the decision to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, and there is a decent chance that the case could end up before the Supreme Court, which has a 6-3 right-wing supermajority. In the meantime, millions of financially-burdened debtors will have to wait for the legal process to play out.

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Warren, however, is optimistic that Biden's decree will ultimately prevail.

"So look, I'd be delighted to codify what the president is doing but here's the key. I don't have any doubt that the president has the legal authority to cancel the student loan debt. President Trump did it, President [Barack] Obama did it, and President Biden has actually done it up to now on student loan debt payments," Warren explained to NBC moderator Chuck Todd.

She also slammed Pittman and the GOP for intentionally making life more difficult for struggling Americans.

"But, we have a court down in Texas – and if they're going to play politics instead of actually following the law – they do put the program at risk. But to me, this is one of the clearest differences between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats, led by Joe Biden, are out there saying, 'we hear you on what it's like to get crushed on student loan debt. We know what that means and so we're here to try to help,'" Warren said.

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"The Republicans? They got nothin.' They say, 'nope.' The only people that they're willing to fight for are billionaires and billionaire corporations and conspiracy theorists," she continued.

"Yeah," Todd muttered in apparent agreement.

"Democrats fight for working people," Warren declared. "And when we fight for working people, we win."

Watch below or at this link.

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