Watch: Fox News hosts freak out over inclusive LEGO characters

Watch: Fox News hosts freak out over inclusive LEGO characters
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Last month, LEGO revealed a new lineup of characters designed to be more inclusive of kids from diverse backgrounds.

"To enable a more representative way to play and learn with your children, the toy company launched its new LEGO Friends Universe, including digital content featuring the latest generation of characters, storylines, and associated toys. Between the eight new Friends, the product line introduces an array of physical and mental traits, complex emotions, and unique cultural backgrounds," Mashable reported on February 14th.

LEGO, Mashable noted, "conducted a nationwide survey of children ages 6 to 12 during the design process, polling the kids about their daily emotions, friendships, and toy preferences. According to the survey, 70 percent want to see their toys represent emotions beyond 'smiley or happy' in favor of more realistic expressions. In their own lives, the vast majority of kids (94 percent) said they believe it's important to talk to someone else about big emotions, while 93 percent said they believe it's good to have friends that are different from you and can teach you new things."

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In its announcement, The Lego Group explained that "the relaunch answers a call for change that real kids desire to see in their toys and the content they watch. New characters feel, express, and acknowledge a range of emotions similar to those of today’s kids, helping them relate to and explore their mental well-being through play."

But what was intended as a gesture of empowerment is facing blowback from conservatives at Fox News, who on Wednesday's edition of The Faulkner Focus accused the manufacturer of "going woke" and programming political biases into their products.

"Say it ain't so. Now, leego – Lego, excuse me – got me with both on. LEGO is going woke," anchor Harris Faulkner complained.

"The company unveiling a range of new characters in the effort to be more inclusive. Lego says the new characters will promote diversity and understanding. Some will have anxiety issues. I don't know how you show that. One will have a missing limb. Another Down syndrome. These are really important issues. Do you want LEGO in there?" Harris asked her guest, radio host Jimmy Failla.

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"Definitely not. But what's so fascinating about this story is the divide in the country," Failla replied. "Republicans think it is insane that they are forcing identity politics into LEGOs. Democrats are upset they didn't make a drag queen stripper. They're like, 'you call this a children's toy? What kind of set is this?' No, it shouldn't be going on the way it is going on. But the reason they force identity into toys is because they think identity comes with a built-in political orientation, and that's what they're after here. I'm not having it."

Despite the evidence to the contrary, Faulkner was nonetheless left astounded.

"Wow. I just want to build, like – I have one – I have a LEGO set that builds the White House," she said.

"Yeah, no, imagine that, and the whole – that's the whole point of LEGOs," Failla continued. "If your kid builds with him, he's smart, he's gonna be fine. If he eats them, you gotta keep an eye on that kid."

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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View Mashable's full article here.

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