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The Suez Canal crisis sparked truly hilarious memes -- but you also might want to buy toilet paper

Unless you've been living under a rock this week, you know a giant cargo ship is lodged lengthwise across the Suez Canal, blocking ships from navigating through one of the most important shipping routes in the world.

The cargo ship Ever Given has been stuck since Wednesday and everything from car parts, electronics, and livestock are stuck behind the 220,000-ton ship. Roughly 30 oil tanker ships are caught in the blockage and that has already caused oil shipping rates to nearly double this week. And if that doesn't make you pucker, this probably will: Walter Schalka, the CEO of Brazilian-based Suzano SA, one of the world's largest wood pulp producers, says the blockade will create a snowball effect on delivering wood pulp, an industry that was already strained. Why does that matter to you? Because wood pulp is how toilet paper is made. I'm not saying you need to go out and hoard, but beware that we may again face a toilet paper shortage.

It may take weeks to dig out the Ever Given, which ran aground and is currently being dug out with one lonely looking bulldozer. The U.S. Navy is sending a team of specialists to help assess the situation. Companies are now between a proverbial rock and a hard place, trying to decide whether to stick it out, or take the alternate route all the way around the tip of Africa.

The situation and the single bulldozer remedy have sparked a plethora of hilarious and frightening memes and tweets. Before you head out for toilet paper, let's take a look at some of the more funny and thought-provoking responses.

First up, a spit-take worthy update to a class Austin Powers GIF.

Aurora Intel also helped clear up rampant confusion. The ship has the word "evergreen" painted on the side, but the ship is named Ever Given.

Now, on to some of the more funny responses online.

And a few thought-provoking tweets about how something like one ship being stuck can disrupt global supply chains overnight.

Did you see any hilarious or thought-provoking memes to share? Drop them in the comments—right after you run out for toilet paper.

Key witness for Giuliani's ill-fated Four Seasons press conference is convicted sex offender

Just when you think you're done laughing at the totally humiliating ending of Rudy Giuliani's career as Donald Trump's personal attorney, it keeps getting more embarrassing for Giuliani and the Trump campaign.

Like most of Trump's unqualified appointees in government, apparently the Trump campaign didn't closely screen who they were putting in front of worldwide cameras in the parking of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping lot. Which I still can't even believe I'm typing, but that was a real thing that happened.

To recap, on Saturday Donald Trump announced via Twitter that his lawyers would be having a press conference at the upscale Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. That tweet was quickly replaced with one saying the location was the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company in Philadelphia, located in an industrial area next to the Fantasy Island adult store and a crematorium.

As if that weren't bad enough, Politico reports New Jersey political reporters instantly recognized one of Rudy Giuliani's key "witnesses" as Daryl Brooks, a New Jersey man who went to prison in 1988 after a sex offender conviction. He was convicted of exposing himself to two girls, ages 7 and 11 years old.

Brooks ran for Congress in 2004 as the Green Party candidate in New Jersey's 12th District, along with a slew of other campaign runs since as a libertarian and Poor People's Campaign candidate.

At the Four Seasons Total Humiliation event, Brooks claimed to have moved to Philadelphia two years ago, but Politico was not able to verify that. Brooks has run for office several times in New Jersey and elected officials there were surprised to see him.

"I started watching it and all of a sudden I was like, 'there's New Jersey's perennial candidate claiming to live in Philadelphia and Giuliani claiming him to be a poll watcher and Philadelphia resident," Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora said in a phone interview.

New Jersey Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman's office also recognized Brooks. Chief of Staff James Gee added context, noting that Brooks had worked his way into being a poll watcher for the Clinton campaign in 2016.

"Yeah, I know Daryl. It's so fitting that he would be there," Gee said.
Gee said he believed Brooks was hired for Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016.
"People don't pay attention to who they hire. They're just trying to get bodies, particularly if it's a white organizer," said Gee, who's Black. "And this time apparently, I guess he was on the Republican side of the watchers."

The campaign has never fully explained why they chose this location, but the most obvious answer is someone from the campaign just straight-up screwed up and they all went with it to save face. Take a look at some of the Trump supporters who turned out at the landscaping company next to the adult store and across the street from the crematorium.

What a way for this to end, huh?

Lindsey Graham calls for investigation into flood of donations to defeat him

In May 2019, Democrat Jaime Harrison formally launched a U.S. Senate campaign in South Carolina to challenge incumbent Lindsey Graham, a man who is simultaneously one of the most powerful people in government and one of the most despised politicians in the country.

From the start, Harrison has faced an uphill battle in South Carolina. Challenging the head of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee in a state that falls in the deeply red column isn't for the faint of heart. No doubt Lindsey Graham and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thought his reelection was in the bag and they could focus on other battleground races. But Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell underestimated just how angry the actual silent majority truly is after four years of watching Lindsey Graham act like Donald Trump's lap dog, protecting Trump from criminal investigations and stealing three Supreme Court seats along the way.

In short, Graham and McConnell underestimated YOU and our collective rage.

In the past year, Jaime Harrison received a tsunami of small donations, flooding the Harrison campaign with record-breaking donations that have topped $86 million, forcing Graham to appear almost nightly on Fox News to beg Sean Hannity's audience for money. He even used the Senate Judiciary Committee pulpit during a hearing on Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination to complain about all the money, issuing a plea from inside the Senate building (a big no-no) to ask for donations to help him because he was delivering the Barrett nomination to the Senate, despite the public outcry. It was not only pathetic, but it might have run afoul of the law, which "prohibits soliciting or receiving campaign contributions on federal property."

In fact, Graham is so upset at the record donations that came into the South Carolina race that he has indicated he wants an investigation after the election.

In an interview with The Hill, Graham whined, "Where's all this money coming from ActBlue coming from? How easy would it be to just have a bunch of pre-paid credit cards?"

Yes, Lindsey Graham, I suppose it is entirely possible a shadowy, powerful Black Lives Matter foundation with secret billions in the bank loaded up pre-paid 'antifa' cards and made tens of thousands of $37 donations (the average Harrison donation), one at a time, to unseat you.

Why can't Lindsey Graham just accept that not only is he personally deeply unpopular, but so is the Republican agenda? It isn't like we didn't try to tell him. We called his offices. We showed up at town halls. We showed up in Washington, D.C. We even chased him in airports when we he refused to hear us anywhere else. But he will hear us at the ballot box on Nov. 3 and so will his corrupted colleagues. And even if Lindsey Graham survives this challenge, we will be back for the next. You can take that to the bank.

In the meantime, let's keep pissing off Lindsey Graham with our small donations. Our Daily Kos Elections team has compiled a list of 17 state legislative candidates from Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Michigan who need the most help as we head down the final stretch. Sure it feels good to donate to Lindsey's demise, but these races are every bit as critical or even more so than South Carolina's because these state legislatures control the boundaries of congressional districts, something Republicans have successfully used to slice and dice our blue districts, gerrymandering our states into Republican-controlled havens that give people like Lindsey Graham undue power over the majority.

Afterward, you can send Lindsey Graham a copy of your donation as evidence for his "investigation" at Bless his heart.

Jaime Harrison obliterates Senate fundraising record — proving just how fed up America is with Lindsey Graham

"If we nominate Donald Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it." That's a tweet Lindsey Graham sent on May 3, 2016, as his party was barreling over a cliff, on the verge of making Donald Trump the Republican nominee for president.

Unfortunately for all of us, the nomination was sealed and the reality of the reality show president has been even worse than imagined, something reflected in Civiqs polling. By a margin of ten points, 48-38, people think the Trump presidency was worse than they expected. All things considered, even that gap doesn't seem wide enough.

And while a blue wave seems to be on the horizon in just a few weeks, perhaps no race has shocked more than Lindsey Graham's re-election bid in South Carolina, which is effectively tied at the moment. Graham still seems likely to win, but his opponent, Jaime Harrison, has made deep in-roads in the Palmetto State. A year ago nobody gave this race a chance and now, with only three weeks to go, not only is this race closer than anticipated, Harrison has been flooded with small-dollar donations. On Sunday his campaign announced an absolutely jaw-dropping total for this final quarter going into the election. Are you sitting down?

Watch: Pete Buttigieg dropped by a Fox News pre-debate segment and absolutely leveled the hosts

Before the vice presidential debate got underway in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Pete Buttigieg dropped by a Fox News pre-debate segment and absolutely leveled the place. This is precisely how you slice and dice a Fox News talking point.


Thursday, Oct 8, 2020 · 11:23:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time · Jen Hayden

Team Biden dispatched Pete Buttigieg again this morning for a Fox News appearance and oops! He did it again. After the Presidential Debate Commission announced the next debate would be virtual because of the COVID-19 risk, Donald Trump appeared on Fox News to say he would not participate. That debate is slated to be a town hall-style debate where the candidates take questions from audience members.

Once again, Buttigieg proved himself to be an extremely effective surrogate for the Biden campaign, hitting Donald Trump's cowardice and noting most American families have had to adjust to virtual learning for their children, working from home, etc. and Donald Trump seems incapable of the kind of sacrifice the rest of us make every single day

Trump says he didn't approve of border wall project, but these key players bragged of his approval

After Steve Bannon’s arrest on Thursday, Donald Trump tried to put a Grand Canyon-sized gap between himself and the “We Build The Wall” border scheme. Bannon, Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato, and Timothy Shea were indicted on counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The federal indictment says the crew pilfered “hundreds of thousands of dollars” and a Bannon-controlled nonprofit received more than $1 million in funds.

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Trump blames 'showboaters' for border wall fraud — and desperately tries to distance himself

On Thursday morning, the news cycle exploded with yet another member of Donald Trump’s inner circle facing federal charges, bringing the total to six Trump confidantes who’ve faced charges since 2016. This time it is Steve Bannon, who joins Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, and Michael Flynn in the Trump Indictment Club. Bannon was the Trump campaign’s chief executive officer in 2016. He later followed Trump to the White House as chief strategist, a position he left in August 2017 to return to Breitbart News and attach himself to a series of grifts, including the one he is now facing charges for, which involved soliciting donations for a privately built border wall and then, according to prosecutors, fraudulently creating sham invoices and shell companies to enrich himself and other collaborators. It’s quite similar to what the NRA was doing, as well. Makes you wonder if any other campaigns might have similar setups? Curious, indeed.

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Arizona man's anti-mask temper tantrum goes viral after his son picked him up to carry him away

One Arizona baby man is getting all kinds of attention after video of his temper tantrum began widely circulating on Twitter Monday night.

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Georgia teen says viral hallway photo that got her suspended was 'good and necessary trouble'

As schools are beginning to reopen with no realistic plan to contain the spread of COVID-19, two Georgia teens went viral for sharing images of the crowded hallways of North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia. Many, if not most, of the students in the hallway were not wearing masks. Both teens were suspended for five days for allegedly breaking school policies around using phones during school hours and posting images of other students.

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'I am someone's daughter too': Ocasio-Cortez delivers powerful speech after sexist attack by Florida congressman

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) took to the House floor on Wednesday morning to respond to the vulgar, sexist encounter she had with Rep. Ted Yoho (FL-03) and Rep. Roger Williams (TX-25) on Monday. Ocasio-Cortez was on her way to vote, walking up the steps of the U.S. Capitol when the pair of Republican congressmen angrily confronted her. According to AOC, Yoho was angrily wagging his finger in her face and as he walked away, a reporter from The Hill overheard him exclaim “Fucking bitch.”

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