Tucker Carlson’s latest conspiracy theory on NHL brainwashing leaves social media users baffled

Tucker Carlson’s latest conspiracy theory on NHL brainwashing leaves social media users baffled
Image via Gage Skidmore.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson recently expressed concern about the National Hockey League's (NHL) public support of trans women and now he believes their support is part of yet another conspiracy theory he's concocted.

According to HuffPost, Carlson is now suggesting all professional sports are part of an unspoken coalition orchestrated by left-wing 'forces' to brainwash the American public.

The conservative talk show host's remarks were made on Wednesday, November 30. Carlson offered his take on the league supporting a draft tournament that recently took place in Wisconsin. The tournament featured only transgender and non-binary players.

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Responding to criticism about its decision to support the tournament, the NHL's official Twitter account tweeted, “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real.”

During the segment, Carlson offered his take on the league's tweet as he expressed disapproval of professional sports leagues embracing what he describes as "woke" ideologies.

“So clearly political forces hijack professional sports as a way to brainwash the young men who watch professional sports,” Carlson said. “That’s, of course, the entire point of it. It’s strategic. But why does nobody push back?”

The primetime host also suggested that since the NHL has one of the most conservative fan bases, the league may be attempting to diversify by way of supporting "woke" ideologies. "It’s a little weird ... that the NHL has decided to push woke propaganda on its fans,” he said.

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Carlson's arguments come months after the release of the NHL's demographical study of the league's 32 professional teams which appears to confirm that the NHL is mostly comprised of conservatives.

Per the news outlet: "Unsurprisingly, the report found that its workforce was made up overwhelmingly of white men: Its workforce is 83.6% white and 62% male. On the ice, more than 90% of players and nearly all coaches and officials are white."

It was also noted, "The league, eager to diversify its fanbase and increase its audience, has said the report will serve as a baseline so they can develop strategies to improve representation internally." However, there is no way to associate Carlson's claims with the league's hope's of diversifying.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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