'Everything’s mine': Bob Woodward sheds light on Trump’s disturbing mindset about his presidency

'Everything’s mine': Bob Woodward sheds light on Trump’s disturbing mindset about his presidency
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Bob Woodward is shedding light on a stunning taped interview with former President Donald Trump about his presidency. According to Trump, everything belonged to him while he was in office.

Speaking to MSNBC's Ari Melber on Thursday, October 27, Woodward —who has conducted interviews with 10 presidents over the course of his career— admitted he'd never “heard anybody in the presidency .... think that somehow there is ownership in this,” per HuffPost.

In fact, Woodward went a step further in his interview with The Washington Post where he discussed his audiobook, “The Trump Tapes: Bob Woodward’s Twenty Interviews With President Donald Trump.” According to Woodward, Trump ended his presidency with the delusional belief that he was still in power.

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At one point during one of Woodward's conversations with Trump, he asked him, “Did somebody help you?” in reference to him winning the presidential election with no political experience.

“Yeah, I get people, they come up with ideas,” Trump told Woodward. “But the ideas are mine, Bob. Want to know something? Everythings mine.”

Woodward told Melber: “The tragedy in all of this, when you go through all those audiotapes ... he didn’t understand the presidency and the obligations to the people. ... This isn’t about yourself. When he says, ‘Everything is mine,’ it kind of echoes this idea of the presidency is his. And we now even see him claiming that he won” the 2020 election, “when there’s no evidence to support that.”

Per the news outlet, Woodward also slammed the former president's “'sweeping disregard' for other people and for other ideas." “It’s not just ‘everything is mine,’” he added.

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“It’s not just ‘everything is mine,’” he added.

According to Woodward, Trump is also responsible for putting the presidency in a state of “moral free fall.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

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