'l'll kill us all': Trump-backed GOP candidate accused in court docs of attempting to crash car with her family inside

'l'll kill us all': Trump-backed GOP candidate accused in court docs of attempting to crash car with her family inside
Make America Great Again hat in support of Donald Trump at a rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona. // Gage Skidmore

According to a report from Jezebel, the Donald Trump-backed candidate to be Michigan's next secretary of state was accused by her ex-husband of attempting to kill herself, him and their two daughters when he asked for a divorce.

Kristina Karamo, a 202O election conspiracist who won the GOP primary with an assist from the former president, was accused of attempting to crash the family car during an argument in a family court motion filed in 2021 by her ex-husband.

As Jezebel's Susan Rinkunas wrote, "Karamo’s ex-husband, Adom Karamo, claimed that the candidate threatened to kill their daughters, now 13 and 14, in documents seeking parenting time with their daughters after the marriage ended, filed in Michigan family court in 2021. Adom described an alleged incident in which he was driving the whole family, and Karamo 'attempted to wrestle control of the vehicle' from him and 'crash it.' He claimed that she said, in the moment, 'F*ck it, I’ll kill us all.'"

In the motion, Adom Karamo claimed that was not the first time Karamo threatened self-harm and he asserted that she was subsequently "committed to a healthcare facility for a mental health evaluation."

The motion stated, "Eventually, Mother was committed to an institution for evaluation due to her efforts at self-harm and suicide. Father was advised by family members not to disclose the fact that Mother had sought to kill her own daughters at the time, being assured that she was merely suffering from a nervous breakdown due to marital problems. Importantly, Father does not raise this issue to denigrate Mother, only to make the point that he has always been morally upstanding as it relates to his relationship with his daughters whereas Mother has literally sought to take their lives on previous occasions."

In her defense, her attorney filed a response "denying that the candidate threatened to kill herself or their daughters. (The filing noted that Adom left their daughters in her care for several years, which—if his claims were true—would call his judgment into question), " the Jezebel report states.

Jezebel's Rinkunas added, "Karamo claimed in the filing that 'no domestic violence has occurred and no evidence has been presented to the contrary.' Karamo also alleged Adom threatened to go public with his claims in July 2021, after she’d announced her candidacy, unless she agreed to his parenting time request."

Asked for comment on the story, Jezebel reports, "Karamo, her campaign, and the Michigan Republican Party did not respond to multiple requests for comment, though Karamo’s attorney said he would let her know Jezebel was pursuing this story. When reached for comment, Adom said via text, 'I will not discuss anything with you.'"

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