Kremlin propagandists predict that Ukraine and Russia will invade Poland and Germany 'together'

Kremlin propagandists predict that Ukraine and Russia will invade Poland and Germany 'together'
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While war-torn Ukraine was celebrating its 31st Independence Day amid fresh attacks by Russian President Vladimir Putin's military forces on Wednesday, Kremlin propagandists on Russian state television promoted the idea that someday – whether in a year or decades from now – the people of Ukraine will lock arms with their Russian counterparts and invade Germany and Poland.

The bizarre edict was predicated on nostalgic fantasies that are held by Putin and significant chunks of the Russian population about reclaiming the former territories of the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

"Ukraine being torn away from Russia was the worst consequence of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the Russian empire. We are reaping the fruits of those two geopolitical catastrophes of 1917 and 1991 when our people were artificially separated to the tune of European and American handlers. It will take decades to glue it all back together," political scientist Alexander Kamkin proclaimed on Russia 1.

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"Why would it take decades? Maybe this problem could be solved in one year," Komsomolskaya Pravda radio anchor Sergey Mardan confidently suggested.

Host Dmitry Kulikov agreed.

"Thank you for saying that, Sergey. I have a very clear understanding regarding them and us being one people. I don't see a radical problem here. Yes, we have major difficulties. They don't want to release the people. There is no real problem with reunification, it's not an unsolvable problem. It does not exist, I support Sergey in this," he said.

Mardan then predicted that Russia's imperial ambitions will be reinvigorated with Ukraine's help.

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"Let me remind you that for two decades Russia waged a counterterrorism operation that was flaring up in North Caucusus after two bloody civil wars within Russia. Nonetheless, the historical wounds almost healed. Ethnic Chechens and ethnic Russians are now fighting shoulder to shoulder and have put this gestalt to rest. I'm sure the same will happen with Ukraine," he mused. "I hope that after some time, Ukrainians and Russians will be storming Warsaw or Berlin together."

Footage and translation were provided by the Russian Media Monitor.

Watch below via The Daily Beast's Julia Davis or at this link.

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