'Cataclysmic destruction': Chomsky, UN, warn global policies are 'accelerating the collapse of human civilization'

'Cataclysmic destruction': Chomsky, UN, warn global policies are 'accelerating the collapse of human civilization'
Noam Chomsky in 2020, Wikimedia Commons

Leftist author Noam Chomsky, born in Philadelphia on December 7, 1928 and now 93, has lived through everything from the Great Depression to World War 2 to Watergate to Iran-Contra to 9/11 to Donald Trump’s presidency. Politically, socially and economically, Chomsky has seen a lot. And in recent years, the leftist author and activist has been using the phrase “societal collapse” a great deal.

As Chomsky sees it, the world is experiencing very dangerous times. And that “societal collapse” or “global collapse” concept has also been used by the United Nations in its 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction, issued in May.

Journalist Robert Hunziker, in an article published by the CityWatch L.A. website on July 10, ties Chomsky’s warnings and the UN’s warnings together.

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Hunziker explains, “A recent UN report discusses prominent risks of ‘global collapse’: UN 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction, a.k.a.: GAR2022 d/d May 2022’…. Accordingly, escalating synergies of: (1) disasters, (2) economic vulnerability, and (3) ecosystem failures increasingly accumulate into a juggernaut of collapse. And finally, similar to an orderly line of tripped dominoes, it cascades without enough notice. On the heels of the recent UN warning, Noam Chomsky also echoes the central premise of doomsayers: ‘The challenge ahead is beyond anything humans have ever faced. The fate of life on the planet is now at hand.’”

That Chomsky quote came from his speech at the 51st Annual American Solar Energy Society Conference, held at the University of New Mexico on June 21. Chomsky opened that event by warning attendees, “We are at a unique moment in human history. Decisions that must be made right now will determine the course of future history if there is to be any human history, which is very much in doubt. There is a narrow window in which we must implement measures to avert cataclysmic destruction of the environment.”

Chomsky has been warning that the world is facing both an environmental threat, thanks to climate change, and a political threat. If the United States falls apart politically, according to Chomsky, it will be a global crisis.

“The immediate crisis is severe,” Chomsky warned. “The crisis is coming to a head in Washington D.C., capitol of the most powerful nation/state in world history.

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Hunziker observes, “According to Chomsky, for most of history, homo sapiens lived in harmony with nature, until August 6 1945, the day that taught two stark lessons: (1) Human capacity reached a level to destroy everything, (2) Very few seemed to care. The upshot: ‘Now, we are at the point when the major institutions of organized society are intent on destroying organized human life on Earth and the millions of other species.’ And, too few seem to care enough to stop it."

Hunziker goes on to discuss the dire warnings in the 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction, lamenting that they have “fallen on deaf ears.”

“The risk of global collapse, as dealt with in the UN Global Assessment Report or GAR2022, has received little or no media attention,” Hunziker notes. “Yet, it is the first-ever UN flagship global report with findings that current global policies are ‘accelerating the collapse of human civilization.’ The report does not suggest that collapse is a ‘done deal.’ Rather, without radical change, it’s where the world is headed.”

Watch Chomsky’s June 21 speech at the 51st Annual American Solar Energy Society Conference below or at this link.

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