Stephanie Grisham gets cornered by 'The View' cohosts during intense debate on immigration

Stephanie Grisham gets cornered by 'The View' cohosts during intense debate on immigration
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Stephanie Grisham, former White House Press Secretary for the Trump administration, was met with opposition from multiple sides during her recent appearance on "The View."

During their discussion, the topic of legal immigration because a key talking point. Grisham ultimately found herself backed into a corner when the co-hosts strongly disagreed with her perspective. Sunny Hostin insisted that it did not matter to her if individuals came to the United States legally.

“A person who is unable to or unwilling to return to his home country because of various reasons. in this country, once you enter the country, you have a right, a legal right because of our constitution, because of the strength of our laws to ask for asylum,” she said.

“Does it matter how you come in?” asked Whoopi Goldberg.

“No, it does not. No, it does not,” Hostin answered. “When you say they’re coming in illegally, I take umbrage to that, especially because 14,000 Haitians were expelled under the Biden administration. Especially because 76,000 afghans were welcomed, which they should have been. And because this administration is willing to take over 100,000 Ukrainians.”

“Which I agree with,” Grisham said.

“So it seems to me that the law is okay for some people, but not okay for people that look like me,” Hostin said. “I don’t like that.”

“I don’t agree with that,” said Grisham responding to Hostin’s remarks.

Grisham attempted to lay out her argument about the basis of legalized immigration, but as she was interrupted she said, “Can I finish?” adding, “There are bad people who are also coming in this country. China, knowing our borders are opening, will now have fentanyl come across the borders like crazy and 100,000 people a day..."

"The View" co-host Joy Behar interjected saying, “Why does this sound like Fox News?”

“It does,” said Hostin.

“Because I’m a Republican and I’m sorry about that,” said Grisham.

“But are you spewing, like, talking points,” asked Behar.

“No,” said Grisham.

“Well, where are your numbers,” asked Behar.

“I’ve lived in Arizona and saw these things,” said Grisham.

“How many could you see, you’re one person,” said Behar

However, Sara Haines chimed in agreeing with Grisham. While she admitted that she'd like to “bring them all in,” she does not believe the United States has the capacity to handle a massive influx of immigrants. “Our boat is not at its strongest,” she insisted. “The lifeboat is not at its strongest. We are dealing with the highest inflation in 40 years, we’re in a war, trying to avoid a World War III.”

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