Watch: Alex Jones' attorney caught on camera saying N-word during pants down comedy set

Watch: Alex Jones' attorney caught on camera saying N-word during pants down comedy set
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The attorney for right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is at the center of controversy amid the emergence of footage from his recent comedy set. According to HuffPost, Norm Pattis is seen in the comedy set tossing around the N-word with his pants down.

In a standup routine in East Haven, Conn., on March 21, Pattis could be heard saying, “You just can’t say certain words, they’re off-limits. And one of those words is n****r.”

Footage of Pattis' stand-up routine surfaced this week. It featured him rambling and ranting about a number of controversial topics including the Black Lives Matter movement. At one point in the segment, he made racial slurs and homophobic remarks with his pants down to his ankles. Pattis also made outdated remarks about former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick's iconic 2016 silent protest during the national anthem.

As for his N-word portion of the segment, comedian Teddy Ren spoke with HuffPost to share details about what really transpired. Although Pattis initially danced around the offensive word, Ren notes that the entire mood of the segment changed when he actually said it.

“I wanna watch a ballgame and there’s Colin Kaepernick, ‘I’m in church,’” Pattis said of Kaepernick. “I don’t wanna hear about that, I don’t wanna hear about Black Lives Matter. You know, even the commercials are fucking political now.”

Norm Pattis is not funny

He also said, “But anyhow, the N-word, right, can I say the N-word? I guess not, I’m gonna get beat up in a parking lot, but I’m going to try. Ready? Ready?”

“Nnnniii...” Pattis teased.

Ren also explained how the segment shifted at the end. “You see, when he gets to the very end of it, there is no joke,” Ren said of Pattis’ remarks. “He just pauses, and he has a lot of charisma onstage ― never seen him drop charisma ― but in this moment he kind of seemed like he was second-guessing it."

He added, "It was like I watched his body glitch. And then he said it, and it’s not even a joke. You literally didn’t even deliver a joke. It felt like he wanted to say it because he knew I was right there.”

As the video continues to circulate, Black Lives Matter activists are pushing back with deep criticism of the attorney. Ivelisse Correa, an organizer for the local anti-racism organization, Black Lives Matter 860, shared her opinion with HuffPost.

“He can’t blame this one on Ambien,” Correa said in reference to famed comedian Roseanne Barr’s excuse at posting a racist tweet. “I’d like to know why he feels that that was appropriate in any context. This isn’t about comedy, or the spirit of being edgy. As we grow as a society, we learn that things are no longer appropriate: homophobia, sexism, racism. Those things have also fallen out of favor in comedy. So attempting to resurrect that, as someone who claims to be for civil liberties, is disgusting.”


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