'The president’s record is very clear': Jen Psaki fires back at reporter criticizing Biden's response to police violence

'The president’s record is very clear': Jen Psaki fires back at reporter criticizing Biden's response to police violence
Image via Wkimedia Commons / United States Department of State

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did not mince words when she pushed back against a reporter who accused President Joe Biden of failing to speak out "forcefully" against cop killings.

On Thursday, February 3, briefed a group of reporters on Air Force One while traveling to New York. The purpose of the trip was for Biden to meet with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) and New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). However, the briefing took an interesting turn when Washington Times White House correspondent Jeff Mordock attempted to criticize the president for his condemnation of violence targeting police officers.

Psaki quickly fired back with records of Biden's speeches and quotes on the matter.

Here is the dialogue of Psaki's verbal sparring match with Mordock.

Mordock: Jen, we’ve had six law enforcement officers killed by criminals this year. The President has not spoken out forcefully against any of these attacks. Even some of his supporters say the lack of forceful condemnation is demoralizing to police. Why hasn’t he spoken out more forcefully against these attacks?

Psaki: More forcefully against attacks against police officers?

Mordock: Yes.

Psaki: He went and gave an entire speech to the — to the police forces just a few months ago. He — we have put out statements, and he has condemned the violence and the attacks on these police officers. He’s reached out to family members. He is somebody —

Mordock: But why not (inaudible) —

Psaki: Let me finish my answer, because I think that’s an inaccurate characterization. And you haven’t even given me names of who you’re talking about.

Mordock: Well, Charles Wilson is —

Psaki: But the President’s —

Mordock: (inaudible) of the National Association —

Psaki: — the President’s record —

Mordock: of Black Law Enforcement Officers. He’s one of the people who said it’s demoralizing.

Psaki: The President’s record is very clear here. He has a long record of advocating for, supporting through funding, through speaking out, the role of local police, of national police and the important role they place — they play in addressing crime and keeping communities safe.

Mordock: Why not go to one of the officer’s funerals, if you’re going to come to New York, and show support for the law enforcement?

Psaki: The President — we have been planning this trip in coordination with the mayor’s office. We’ve invited a number of officials to attend the trip. He also is, as you know, going to the police headquarters to make clear his strong support for them.

Despite Murdock's claim, not only did Biden address the violence on Thursday, he also met with the families of slain New York police officers,


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