New report says Dallas QAnon cultists are drinking 'industrial disinfectant'

New report says Dallas QAnon cultists are drinking 'industrial disinfectant'
A QAnon flag on display in Richmond, Virginia in January 2020, Wikimedia Commons
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The family of a woman in a QAnon cult member in Dallas, Texas is speaking out about the latest disturbing developments that have come to light.

During a recent interview with The Dallas Observer, the Leek family of Delaware revealed their family member recently abandoned her husband and their children to follow a Trump-supporting Texas cult that is reportedly awaiting the resurrection of the late President John F. Kennedy and his late son, JFK Jr.

To make matters worse, the cult has reportedly "been drinking a chemical cocktail containing chlorine dioxide, an industrial disinfectant, among other substances."

According to Sean Leek, his mother began gravitating toward the QAnon movement sometime in 2018. Although the family did not explain why the group has been drinking the chemical cocktail, Leek did confirm that his mother adamantly opposes vaccinations.

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“She’s always been into, you know, natural remedies, getting aluminum out of deodorant, things like that,” a member of the Leek family said on Dec. 10. “But that led to anti-vaxxing, and anti-vaxxing led to QAnon."

Per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), chlorine dioxide, which is a form of bleach, has “not been shown to be safe and effective for any use, including COVID-19, but these products continue to be sold as a remedy for treating autism, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and flu, among other conditions, despite their harmful effects.”

So where do these extremist beliefs stem from? Speaking to The Daily Beast, Christine Sarteschi —a Chatham University professor and extremism research in Pittsburgh, Penn.— insists political leaders, social media influences, and prominent public figures "bear a share of the responsibility for the rise of such behavior as drinking bleach."

“Unfortunately, there’s…a great deal of Republican support for not taking the vaccine and the belief that there’s no danger in Covid,” Sarteschi said in an email. “Any political party that turns away from science or logic endangers its followers.”

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She also explained how biased media could also contribute to the rise of misinformation, cult-like behavior, and poor judgment.

The type of behavior exhibited by the members of the Dallas cult is “also likely the result of confirmation bias; the idea that people want to believe what they already believe,” explained Sarteschi. “News, opinions, and so forth are not judged on their own merits or their accuracy or reality. They are accepted if they confirm what they already believe and rejected if it goes against what they already believe, no matter how much evidence exists otherwise.”

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