'Disinformation dozen' anti-vaxxer doctor Sherri Tenpenny brags about traveling with COVID symptoms

'Disinformation dozen' anti-vaxxer doctor Sherri Tenpenny brags about traveling with COVID symptoms
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A vocal proponent of COVID-19 conspiracy theories and pandemic misinformation recently described her bout with the virus and how she traveled through airports while experiencing symptoms of "serious COVID exposure."

During a recent discussion on Instagram Live, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny recalled a number of times she attended public events while suffering from symptoms of COVID. Back in late August after she first began feeling ill, she told viewers attended the Bards Fest — described as a Missouri-based "assembly of Patriots coming together to pray with truth."

After that outing, Tenpenny told viewers "'just about everybody' got sick," according to NPR. "They got what we would call conventional COVID," she said. To make matters worse, one attendee was reportedly hospitalized and died following complications of COVID.

She also detailed her struggle to breathe as she walked through an airport. "I was really sick for about three weeks with diarrhea and profound fatigue and even though I powered through it I still wasn't feeling very well," Tenpenny said on November 2, adding, "And what was the most difficult part for me was the shortness of breath, that I just felt like I couldn't take in a full deep breath."

Tenpenny went on to explain just how difficult it was to walk from one area of the airport to the next. Tenpenny added, "And when I was going through the airport I would have to stop multiple times and kind of catch my breath and just felt this tightness in my chest."

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has repeatedly insisted that travelers should not fly if they are experiencing symptoms or waiting for test results, Tenpenny defied those recommendations and traveled anyway, which means she could have potentially exposed others to the virus.

Despite having a disturbing case of COVID, Tenpenny also insisted that she treated herself with a number of controversial drugs including "ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamins, and colloidal silver." While all of the drugs she named have been deemed unsuitable for treating COVID-19, they have all been embraced by anti-vaxxers.

Tenpenny has been added to the Center for Countering Digital Hate's infamous "disinformation dozen," a group described as "12 people it said were responsible for spreading a majority of anti-vaxxer falsehoods on Facebook."


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