MAGA's up and coming 'shock jock' is really a bounty hunter with a disturbing past

MAGA's up and coming 'shock jock' is really a bounty hunter with a disturbing past

One Make America Great Again (MAGA) shock jock is creating a name for himself as a controversial right-wing commentator who has repeatedly gone against the grain. However, his new-found stardom follows years of turbulent run-ins with the law.

According to The Daily Beast, Stew Peters isn't the typical right-wing personality because no one is safe. In fact, Peters' recent interview with Vernon Jones —a former Democrat now running as a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Georgia gubernatorial candidate— went completely off the rails.

While Jones, who has reportedly been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, may have assumed he'd be doing a softball right-leaning interview, he quickly realized that wasn't the case.

Peters wasted no time questioning Jones about a 2010 discrimination case where he was accused of discriminating against white employees during his time as the Dekalb County commissioner, the intense discussion quickly led to a clash between the two men. As Jones tried to verbally defend himself, Peters muted him to get his point across.

"That's what bullies do," Peters said to his audience. "They gaslight, shout you down, lie incessantly, to avoid the light of truth from being shined on their dark corruption."

Shortly after Peters' remarks, Jones abruptly ended the call. The incriminating interview led to a bit of blowback and the loss of multiple endorsements for Jones. However, the gubernatorial candidate isn't the only person facing backlash for his past. The Beast reports that Peters' past is also rather tainted. From theft accusations and charges to domestic-related issues and botched bounty hunting, Peters has had his own share of run-ins with the law.

Back in February, Peters' wife called the police amid his drunken rage when he "allegedly started to berate her and thrown household items, including boots and pillows, at her."

The Beast also detailed the report about Peters' actions.

"Arriving on the scene, police officers found Peters, who appeared to be intoxicated. His wife showed officers video she had recorded of her husband yelling at her and throwing objects at her, according to the report. Asked whether she was concerned Peters would attack her, she said, "That's the reason that I had to call you guys," and nodded yes."

As a result of the incident with his wife, Peters was charged with a series of misdemeanors including "domestic assault, assault, and disorderly conduct."

Peters bizarre bounty hunting job has also led to a series of problems for him. In 2015, his "police-like uniforms" led to changes in Minnesota's laws. Now, bounty hunters are no longer allowed to wear uniforms that resemble that of law enforcement officers.

Per The Beast:

"Peters's bounty hunting turned tragic in 2017, when Peters tried to catch a fugitive who had absconded to Texas. At a Texas car dealership, two bounty hunters working for Peters located the suspect, who was wanted on charges of DUI, assaulting a police officer, and possession of cocaine. As they attempted to detain the man, he pulled a gun, prompting a shootout in a dealership crowded with customers and employees."

The disturbing incident ended with the suspect and the two bounty hunters being fatally wounded. The dealership also claimed Peters and his hunters had "falsely identified themselves as federal agents."


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