'Wide racial, ethnic and partisan gaps': Study finds white support of social justice issues has severely declined

'Wide racial, ethnic and partisan gaps': Study finds white support of social justice issues has severely declined
Nearby the George Floyd Memorial at Chicago Ave & E 38th St in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday evening following his memorial service. Credit: Lorie Shaull People raise a fist in response to a request by John Thompson, friend of Philando Castile & currently running to represent District 67A.
Why the George Floyd protesters are American patriots

Congressional Black Caucus members are growing increasingly frustrated with Democratic lawmakers' presumed passivity and apathy where social injustice, police brutality, and systemic inequality are concerned, according to a new editorial published by The Root.

"In numerous conversations with The Root, high-level staffers and members of the Congressional Black Caucus have expressed frustration with the Democratic Party's apathy or lack of urgency on police reform, voting rights and other political issues important to Black America," the publication reported.

George Floyd's highly publicized death catapulted the civil rights movement across the United States as an unprecedented number of White Americans joined the fight to raise awareness about police brutality and racial inequality. While it initially seemed like the country was finally taking steps in the right direction, the publication is highlighting the results of a new poll by Pew Research Center that suggests otherwise.

The Root offered a brutal assessment of the non-partisan think tank's findings, as it highlighted the notable decline of White allies supporting the civil rights movement over the last several months. The publication also breaks down what that decline in support exemplifies.

Per the publication:

"While most Americans still support the Black Lives Matter Movement, white support has severely declined from an all-time high during the Woke White Summer of 2020. In June 2020, 45 percent of white people supported the Black Lives Matter movement. By September 2020, that number had reached 60 percent before it returned to 47 percent, where it has stayed for a year.

Although Pew insists there are currently "wide racial, ethnic and partisan gaps," in the number of people who support BLM, there's not. The majority of young people, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Americans from every educational background still support the movement. But after the smoke from rubber bullet launchers and gas bombs cleared, the corporations had done nothing. The woke white allies were lying all along."

According to The Root, the disheartening findings make one thing very clear. "Black people are on their own," the publication emphasized. Another point of contention in the editorial highlights the growing frustration with the Democratic Party and its inability to remain proactive in pushing for the passage of legislation that promotes equality.

Although Black Americans are considered the most loyal members of the Democratic Party, the publication notes that the political party "is more than willing to compromise our rights for their power"; a practice it notes that White Americans have repeated for endless decades. The hope is that the political party makes proactive steps toward real reform but based on history, that appears unlikely to happen in the near future.


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