Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw gets torched by MAGA loyalists

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw gets torched by MAGA loyalists
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Rep. Dan Crenshaw breaks with Trump on pardoning accused war criminal before trial

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) has ruffled feathers with his latest admission about the 2020 presidential election. Despite arguments from MAGA loyalists and the far-right, Crenshaw is admitting the truth: Former President Donald Trump lost fair and square to President Joe Biden.

Now, he's facing backlash for his assessment of the election. Footage of the clash between Crenshaw and Bobby Piton, an Illinois Republican U.S. Senate candidate, began circulating on social media after he shared it to his campaign's YouTube page.

In the video clip, Crenshaw weighed in on the outcome of the election. Speaking to the crowd, Crenshaw admitted that Trump lost the election and despite the conspiracy theories circulating, the results would not be overturned in Trump's favor.

Piton made it clear that he strongly disagreed with that assessment as he claimed to have "plenty of proof" that the election was stolen from the former president. "You're wrong," Piton said repeatedly, talking over Crenshaw. "You watch … you're going to see firsthand."

Not backing down, Crenshaw doubled down on his stance. "I'm not wrong," the congressman responded. "Five different states? Hundreds of thousands of votes? You're kidding yourself."

In the description for the video, Piton's campaign took aim at the Texas lawmaker describing him as "intellectually dishonest." The description reads, "Crenshaw … represents one of many intellectually dishonest Congressmen in our party who don't care about FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOTS."

However, Piton didn't stop there. He also took to Twitter with fiery remarks about Crenshaw who he reportedly believes is "crossing over to traitor status." "I'm grateful I could expose yet another corrupt politician," Piton tweeted.

Piton's latest rant follows previous reports about his involvement in the controversial Maricopa County, Ariz., audit. Continuing to push misinformation about the presidential election, Piton's campaign website also includes references to the election audit which has been described as a "stunning testimony" that exposed "the fraudulent election results in Arizona."

In the state of Illinois, Piton is running against standout Democratic incumbent Tammy


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