WaPo torches Ron Johnson with a full rundown of his dangerous COVID vaccine misinformation

WaPo torches Ron Johnson with a full rundown of his dangerous COVID vaccine misinformation
Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Wikipedia

Rep. Ron Johnson (R-Mo.) has a long history of rhetoric pushing back against the COVID-19 vaccine and none of it has been missed by The Washington Post. Now, the publication is slamming him for his reckless words.

On Friday, July 16, The Post handed down four Pinocchios for Johnson's ongoing falsehoods about the COVID vaccine. Citing its four points of contention, the publication began by highlighting Johnson's latest controversial remarks. When the lawmaker appeared on Fox News with host Sean Hannity on Wednesday, July 14, he descended further down the path of more vaccine conspiracies.

"The fact of the matter is it looks like natural immunity is as strong if not stronger than vaccinated immunity. ... There is a risk to the vaccine. Again, it's very small, but there are some pretty serious side effects, including death. We are already over 5,200 deaths reported on the VAERS system. That's a CDC, FDA's early warning system."

From there, the publication highlighted everything wrong with Johnson's remarks claiming, "Natural immunity is as strong if not stronger." The publication stressed the importance of the scientific community's number one plea to the American public. "Doctors, public health experts, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are clear: Get the coronavirus vaccine even if you had covid-19," The Post wrote.

It also highlighted the findings of a study conducted in January of this year which noted that the Moderna vaccine "has the potential to provide durable humoral immunity," whereas "natural infection produces variable antibody longevity."

The publication also included a slew of excerpts from other studies and reports highlighting the distinct differences between the vaccine and natural immunity in addition to pleas for the public to be vaccinated.

"We recently shared research that provides insight into how the immune system protects the body after a confirmed covid-19 infection. The study followed Cleveland Clinic caregivers over five months as the vaccination process was beginning. The data showed that the vaccine was extremely effective in preventing covid-19 infection," the Cleveland Clinic wrote in a statement on June 9. "In addition, we found that none of the previously infected employees who remained unvaccinated were reinfected over the duration of the study. This information could help guide vaccination efforts should there be a shortage of vaccine supply and in countries where vaccine supply is limited.

"This is still a new virus, and more research is needed. It is important to keep in mind that this study was conducted in a population that was younger and healthier than the general population. In addition, we do not know how long the immune system will protect itself against re-infection after covid-19."

During his Fox News appearance, Johnson also said, "Some pretty serious side effects, including death," Another phrase the publication also refuted. Johnson claimed, "There is a risk to the vaccine. Again, it's very small but there are some pretty serious side effects, including death. We are already over 5,200 deaths reported on the VAERS system."

According to The Post, "no study or case has established this. The VAERS database does not say coronavirus shots caused the reported deaths. Anyone can submit a report to VAERS; they are not verified. U.S. officials and experts make a point of saying that VAERS data should not be used to draw inferences such as Johnson's and that federal agencies have other systems to monitor developing health risks tied to vaccines."

The latest report blasting Johnson follows a string of questionable remarks he has made questioning the safety and effacy of the COVID vaccine.


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