McGahn admits Trump made attempts to oust Mueller: NYT

McGahn admits Trump made attempts to oust Mueller: NYT
Don McGahn speaking at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, Gage Skidmore
Legal experts explain why, two years after Mueller’s report, Don McGahn’s testimony is ‘important’

Donald F. McGahn II, former White House counsel to former President Donald J. Trump, has admitted that the accounts in referencing him in the reports about Russia to the special counsel

According to The New York Times, the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday released a 241-page transcript with details about Mr. McGahn's private testimony. While the testimony did not shed light on any new details, it did explain just how difficult McGahn's time in the White House really was.

The publication highlighted one McGahn's sentiments in a one-line quote. At one point during the hearing, he said, "They don't teach you this in law school." The statement was reportedly in reference to "one episode he [McGahn] witnessed in which Mr. Trump was trying to get his attorney general at the time, Jeff Sessions, to resign because he had recused himself from the Russia investigation."

According to the transcript, McGahn witnessed a number of incidents that were detailed in the Mueller report. The testimony was relatively later than many lawmakers may have hoped but Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, noted the importance of the information McGahn provided.

"Mr. McGahn provided the committee with substantial new information," Mr. Nadler said in a statement accompanying the transcript release. He added, "All told, Mr. McGahn's testimony gives us a fresh look at how dangerously close President Trump brought us to, in Mr. McGahn's words, the 'point of no return.'"

McGahn was also vocal about Trump's attempt to deny that he suggested Mueller be fired. According to McGahn, Trump's remarks "disappointing" because he "certainly entertained the idea. Certainly seemed to ask a number of people about it. Certainly had a number of conversations with me about something along those lines."

Trump is also said to have lambasted McGahn for maintaining records of their conversations as he argued that Roy M. Cohn — a widely known lawyer who was previously disbarred for unethical conduct — would not have done so.

"I didn't really respond," Mr. McGahn said. "I've made my point. And this was not the first time that Roy Cohn has sort of — the ghost of Roy had come into the Oval Office, so it didn't seem to be a point worth responding to and, you know, he's the president, he gets the last word."


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