Republican Party reduced to sniveling hypocrites hoping for Caligula Trump's blessing

Republican Party reduced to sniveling hypocrites hoping for Caligula Trump's blessing
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Four years ago, Republicans couldn't believe that a reality TV star would end up their nominee. They were sickened at the possibility. They said they would never let it happen to their party. Now, without a doubt, the Republican Party is entirely the party of Donald J. Trump, and the people who were against him just a few years ago are now his strongest sycophants.

We look back at history for incredible leaders who put their stamp on the generations that followed. Some have left positive marks on a nation or empire that are still being felt—FDR is an example. Others, like Caligula, Nero, or Andrew Johnson aren't necessarily the leaders you would imagine people lining up to make sure they were aligned with. As for the modern Republican Party: Oh no, call them the party of Trump now. They are so desperate to get Trump's blessing that they are throwing themselves on the ground and begging at his mansion in Florida.

Politico reported on the madhouse event:

The scene illustrated what has become a central dynamic in the nascent 2022 race. In virtually every Republican primary, candidates are jockeying, auditioning and fighting for the former president's backing. Trump has received overtures from a multitude of candidates desperate for his endorsement, something that top Republicans say gives him all-encompassing power to make-or-break the outcome of primaries.

Four candidates from Ohio flew down and begged, groveled, and patted the back of Trump, believing that his blessing would give them the inside track to the nomination in 2022.

This is an interesting dynamic change from where the Republican Party was just a few years ago, in case we forget:

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Is a 'Pathological Liar'

Some things are the same, though. The best political motive to serve the country and get things done is always revenge, right? Oh wait, that probably isn't a good reason to serve the public. From ABC NY:

Trump has yet to formally endorse the whole group of former administration officials, but he's already offering his support to some 2022 candidates to keep a grip on the GOP and deliver a dose of retribution to Republicans who he believes have wronged him, experts say.
"It's more about trying to push out those who he feels weren't nice to him," said Doug Heye, a former spokesman for the Republican National Committee. Heye boiled Trump's 2022 ambitions down to just a few personal goals: grabbing attention, seeking revenge, and ensuring his grip on the Republican Party.

For many candidates, the path into the 2022 campaign begins at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where fledgling candidates are courting his support while also spending hefty sums of campaign money to host lavish fundraisers at his property.

Don't worry, folks. If Trump couldn't grift off of you before, now he'll make sure your donations to other candidates' funds end up in his pockets by forcing that money to be spent at his resorts.

I'm sure they can explain how this will economically help your state somehow.

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