Marjorie Greene ripped for bizarre rant suggesting Capitol riots ruined GOP attempt to overturn the election

Marjorie Greene ripped for bizarre rant suggesting Capitol riots ruined GOP attempt to overturn the election
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene // C-SPAN
Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to defend herself on the House floor — it did not go well
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The insurrection on the U.S. Capitol is over and President Joe Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, but QAnon believers and far-right extremists are still refusing to accept reality. Controversial Republican lawmakers like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) are continuing to stir the misinformation pot by spinning more dangerous conspiracy theories.

In fact, on Tuesday, Feb. 9, she posted a string of tweets promoting a conspiracy theory about the Democratic Party being responsible for the siege on the U.S. Capitol. According to Greene, it was the Democrats who orchestrated the Capitol riot and not Republicans.

She tweeted, "If the #Jan6 organizers were Trump supporters, then why did they attack us while we were objecting to electoral college votes for Joe Biden? The attack RUINED our objection that we spent weeks preparing for, which devastated our efforts on behalf of Trump and his voters."

Greene went on to argue Republicans would not have targeted their own party. "They placed pipe bombs at the RNC and the DNC the night before. They did NOT just target one party," she said. "They targeted Republicans and Democrats. They were against the government ALL together."

The embattled Republican lawmaker went on to defend Trump as she criticized the upcoming impeachment trial. "The Capitol attack was planned and organized, NOT incited in the moment by President Trump, and NO Republican Member was involved," Greene tweeted. "We were ALL victims that day. And once again, Trump is the victim of the never-ending hate-fueled witch hunt."

She concluded, "This impeachment trial a circus for the Democrat media mob to entertain the masses that they have brainwashed and addicted to hate, so they don't see the Dem policies being rapidly forced into place that are destroying our lives, stealing our freedoms, and putting America last."

Almost immediately after Greene shared her posts, Twitter users fired back and flooded her tweets with scathing comments. One Twitter user wrote, "This is the dumbest word jumble I have read in years. You are truly a dumbass. I am dumber for reading this theory. You are an idiot."

He also reminded Greene that the mob admitted to being Trump supporters and also wore the former president's paraphernalia when they stormed the Capitol. The Twitter user added, "They literally claimed to be Trump supporters. They wore MAGA hats. You are the dumbest person on this planet and yes I argued with someone yesterday that said Earth was flat.

Others tweeted photos from the Capitol riots to push back against Greene's baseless claims. That Twitter user wrote, "They replaced an American flag with a Trump flag at the capitol. You know the American flag you guys say no one else respects."

Greene's latest remarks come less than a week after the House voted to remove the Republican lawmaker from her committee assignments.

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