Meet the new Sean Hannity on one right-wing cable network where Trump has not lost the election — yet

Meet the new Sean Hannity on one right-wing cable network where Trump has not lost the election — yet

On Nov. 17, after nearly all of the major television networks, including Fox News, called the election for Biden, Newsmax host Greg Kelly said the conservative network had not called the election. He also made his political stance very clear. Instead of siding with the Republican Party, Kelly emphasized that he is "pro-Trump."

"I am pro-Trump, and I make that quite clear. This is an opinion-based show," Kelly said. "I lean conservative, I like Donald Trump because of his policies, and I also like Donald Trump because of his style. Yup, I do. I like the tweets."

He went on to criticize mainstream media's use of the term "president-elect" despite the reference being used when Trump won in 2016.

"This is Newsmax, where we have not called the election," Kelly said, at the time. "Why would we? We do not know who has won. This whole idea of a president-elect? It is a media fabrication." Kelly said as an on-screen displayed at the bottom of the screen read: "NewsmaxTV: It's not over (obviously)."

Then, on Nov. 20, Kelly falsely claimed that mainstream media is "almost always" wrong when it comes to Trump. "A good rule of thumb to remember: The mainstream media, they are almost always, always wrong about this guy," Kelly said.

Since the election, Newsmax's has focused elevating Trump's false claims of voter fraud and continues to insist there is a chance of a second Trump term. As Slate reports:

"President Trump has encouraged this exodus with tweets and retweets urging his fans to dump Fox News and turn to networks less encumbered by the facts. Newsmax TV, which has made much of its refusal to accept Biden's electoral victory, fits the bill."

Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy has defended the network's peddling of false information since it has seen a post-election surge in viewership.

"At the end of the day, it's great for news. The news cycle is red-hot, and Newsmax is getting one million people per minute, according to Nielsen, tuning into Newsmax TV. I think it's good."

Although Trump and the Newsmax network refuse to acknowledge the outcome of the election, the numbers do not lie. Contested states have conducted recounts and multiple states have also began certifying election results for Biden.

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