Trump Jr. gets dragged for self-published book that includes glaring error on the cover

Trump Jr. gets dragged for self-published book that includes glaring error on the cover
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There are a few things that equal the mediocrity and base idiocy of Donald Trump. Their names are Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and Jared. But, the greasy, sweaty, desperate nature of Donald Trump Jr. has a special patina of existential impotency that is hard to ignore. It’s hard to ignore, in part, because not unlike his father, Junior speaks at a loud blunt volume of dumb about 100% of the time.

Donald Trump Jr.’s newest idea is to self-publish a new book. But this time, it isn’t just about how liberals are being triggered all the time by the pure corruption of the conservative megalomaniac money machine. This time, in another sad attempt to receive the love his father is unable to feel for anything, Trump Jr. will spend however many pages it takes to try and make some money before the Republican National Convention in August. Unfortunately, the Trump family crest includes a guy wearing a dunce cap and cutting corners, and Junior’s announcement needed some copy editing.

“Thrilled to announce that during the last few months of quarantine, I’ve  been working on a new book, LIBERAL PRIVILEGE! Blown away by what Biden has gotten away with, more details next week! Libs already triggered! #LiberalPrivilege” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter this past Saturday. He also provided a hellfire-inspired cover design:

As The Guardian points out, the subtitle “Joe Biden and the Democrat’s Defense of the Indefensible,” has a misplaced apostrophe among other problems. Of course, because Junior is such a clever boy, he even name-checked his fabricated New York Times best seller Triggered. The one that was propelled into the category of “best seller” by the generous purchases of thousands of books by the Republican National Committee.

The book will be another “collaboration* with Trump Victory finance Committee Chief of Staff Sergio Gor. Junior told Axios that the audio book will be read by his girlfriend and former Fox News TV personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, who he explained helped him with the book. "That’s how we came up with the idea for her to do the audio book. We would take turns reading the chapters out loud for flow. ... Love in a time of COVID." I’ll give you a moment to gargle with 100 proof alcohol or whatever you need to get that vomit taste out of your mouth.

Trump Jr.’s move away from traditional publishing comes after he complained that he didn’t receive the kind of support from bookstores that he deserved. Instead he got that “support” when the RNC bought about $100,000 in books. What will the book cover? It will likely be filled with the misinformation being continuously peddled by Trump and others: conspiracy theories on how the deep state is trying to oust Trump from the White House.

Here are some of the responses to Trump Jr.’s announcement.

*See ghost written by ... 

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