Fox News erroneously reported that Obama’s ‘PC meetings’ were ‘political correctness’ meetings

Fox News erroneously reported that Obama’s ‘PC meetings’ were ‘political correctness’ meetings
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On Wednesday, Fox News’ reporter Sam Dorman wrote an explosive story with the headline “CIA staff complained about Obama White House's political correctness, new book claims.” Explosive stuff! You see, a new book by conservative writer Doug Mead claimed that when asking his sources about the Obama administration’s White House, he was told that President Obama wasn’t able to get things done because his administration was too busy dealing with snowflake issues like what to call people! “Next thing they said was that, in the previous administration, they spent a lot of time in the White House doing nonstop PC [political correctness] meetings.”

Man. Damning! This fit so perfectly into the right wing’s fantasy narrative that President Obama was a secret Muslim, snowflake, bleeding heart liberal communist, ne’er do well, you couldn’t make it up if you tried! Or, actually you could only make it up because you were trying but were also dumb. You see, it turns out that the Obama administration did hold “PC meetings,” and they held them frequently. However, the term PC means “Principals Committee, a top-level interagency meeting convened by the National Security Council.”

Numerous people pointed this out to Fox News and Doug Wead, because let us be clear, Sam Dorman is a dummy, but he isn’t the idiot who wrote a whole book about the inner workings of the Trump and Obama White Houses, without doing the bare minimum investigation into what a government acronym means.

According to Business Insider, Fox News and Wead have both been incredibly lukewarm in their apology, and more importantly, their correction of the original, erroneous reporting. Fox News has taken the tact of throwing Wead under the bus by saying that Dorman did “accurately report” on Wead’s assertion, but that Wead was wrong. And Wead is reportedly half-blaming his source for not realizing how dumb Doug Wead was. "The author has since informed Fox News this was due to a misunderstanding between him and his source and that the initials referred to 'Principals Committee.'"

You can make some things up, but you can’t make up how truly loathsome and incompetent and intellectually dishonest Fox News and their conservative hucksters are.

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