10 Types of Marijuana Perfect for Pain Relief and Better Than Opioids

Physical pain can come from any source, like from the aftermath of a very intense workout or from that time where you fell down the stairs like an idiot. Marijuana has many properties that do wonders for muscle relaxation and pain relief without the scary side effects some prescription drugs are known for.

There are multiple ways to consume marijuana. You can eat or drink it, rub it into your skin, vape, smoke and much more. Ask the budtenders at your local dispensary which products have the strains listed and then pick how you want to put it into your body.

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Here we bring you 10 types of marijuana that’ll provide pain relief when an Advil just doesn’t cut it.

1. Hustler Kush

This indica dominant herb has an earthy and piney aroma that’s perfect for when you need pain relief right away. Hustler Kush acts fast and lasts for a while, relaxing your body and leaving you happy and stress-free.

2. Godberry

This fruity strain provides strong pain relief effects that are perfect for a lazy day at home, where you can chill out with a numb body and doze away. You’ll feel like a new person the next day.  

3. Charlie Sheen

These lemon-scented buds are perfect for treating pain and insomnia, providing a relaxing and uplifting effect that’s hard to beat.

4. Orange Wreck

Smelling a lot like oranges, pine and funky stuff, this special strain has a particular flavor that comes with a bunch of powerful effects like igniting your appetite and providing pain relief.

5. Durban Cheese

This strain is the result of a blend of two indica and sativa strains. Its aroma is weirdly described as a pleasant mix of lemon and cheese and it's a great choice for providing mild pain and stress relief.

6. Django

Django means “I am awake” in Romani, and that’s what this strain will do, providing energy and uplifting vibes to help you through your day, while also offering pain relief and strong relaxation. This type of marijuana is perfect for when you want to relax while not losing any motivation. 

7. Blackberry Bubble

This indica dominant strain is only produced in Arizona and is specialized in providing mind and body relaxation without anchoring you to the couch. It gets its name from its fruity and delicious aroma and flavor.

8. KT Dawg

Offering the perfect middle ground between soothing and uplifting, KT Dawg provides anti-inflammatory effects and a focused and cerebral high that’ll have you feeling cool and creative.

9. Medicine Woman

This complex strain was designed to provide relief for fibromyalgia patients, thus leading to a relaxing high that relieves stress from your muscles while not impairing any of your mental capabilities.  

10. Black Dahlia

This flower earned its name from its purplish-red color buds, not from the creepy murder that took place in 1947 in Los Angeles. This strain is sticky to the touch and is perfect for relieving pain and lending a hand during those sleepless nights where you’re sick of tossing and turning.

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