Maria Loreto

7 Types Of Marijuana For Beginners And Those With Low Tolerance

It’s common for first timers to swear off marijuana forever because of a bad first experience. It’s easy to smoke too much by accident and feel overtly paranoid, woozy, and draw the conclusion that marijuana just isn’t your thing. That bad first experience can be completely avoided with two simple tips: looking for strains that are high in CBD, or consuming a high-THC strain very slowly.

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What Are the Physical Effects of Marijuana Withdrawal?

So, is cannabis withdrawal an urban myth? Something that a lot of people discuss, but not a phenomenon experienced by all marijuana users?

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5 Weird Ways Marijuana Affects Men And Women Differently

Marijuana affects men and women in different ways and it’s not because of size. Some research claims that estrogen and THC have a pretty meaningful relationship, giving a boost to women and  how they experience cannabis’ benefits.

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New Research Suggests That Medical Marijuana Can Treat Herpes

Cannabis oil and topicals have been known to produce impressive results with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and different kinds of abrasions. A study conducted in 2010 tested a facial lotion that contained cannabinoids on people with postherpetic neuralgia, a pain condition similar to shingles, and the results were very surprising, demonstrating that the lotion reduced pain by 87 percent. New research suggests that several components in the cannabis plants may produce similar effects for herpes outbreaks.

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10 Types of Marijuana Perfect for Pain Relief and Better Than Opioids

Physical pain can come from any source, like from the aftermath of a very intense workout or from that time where you fell down the stairs like an idiot. Marijuana has many properties that do wonders for muscle relaxation and pain relief without the scary side effects some prescription drugs are known for.

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10 Types of Marijuana That Can Make You Feel Rejuvenated

Waking up energized is something we all deserve. We all want to be prepared for the day and to be the best possible version of ourselves. The key to energy is sleep, which is sometimes hard to come by, and even if you do get the necessary eight hours a night some days it’s still hard to be energized.

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