Bill O'Reilly Goes on Completely Unhinged Rant About What the Word 'Inclusion' Means

Bill O'Reilly is having a hard time understanding how Donald Trump can unite the country when 60 million voted against him. So he has decided to blame Barack Obama.

"More than 60 million people do not feel that President Obama included them in his grand left-wing vision," O'Reilly stated about Trump voters. "Thus they voted against continuing his legacy by voting for Mr. Trump."

"There is not a man on this Earth more opposite Barack Obama than Donald Trump," the Fox News host continued, adding that "60 million folks is a huge crew, and many of them feel excluded not included by the president's policies."

O'Reilly went on to explain that the actions of the  Obama Administration have upset the right, such as enacting contraceptive mandates, protecting undocumented immigrants and "forcing Americans to pay more for health insurance, so that the poor can have free subsidized healthcare." 

Sure, millions of Americans are displeased with Obamacare. But Trump has never specified exactly how he will fix it. In fact, just days after winning the presidency he walked back his promise to repeal and replace the healthcare plan, stating that he would keep parts of it in place following his conversation with President Obama. But even in his final weeks on the campaign trail, it became clear that Trump didn't understand Obamacare when he railed on about his employees' dissatisfaction with the plan at a Florida rally. It's unclear if Trump even knew what Obamacare was.

What O'Reilly fails to understand is that the 60 million Americans who voted against President-elect Trump are protesting for very different reasons than the ones protesting against President Obama shortly after he was elected.

The anti-Trump protesters are protesting because they feel unsafe in a country soon to be run by a man whose most prominent policy proposals ranged from deporting 11 million people to banning an entire religion from entering the United States. They're protesting against a president-elect who has less experience than anyone ever previously elected to the highest office in America and one who doesn't seem to understand why we have nukes if we don't use them. They're protesting against a man who was caught on tape boasting about sexual assault, which prompted more than a dozen women to then come forward. They're protesting against someone who believes being a Washington "outsider" means appointing a white nationalist from a fringe alt-right website as his chief strategist

Yet, Bill O'Reilly feels as a conservative, he is excluded from not just Obama's vision, but "the good person club" put forward by "the national media." 

"Nothing the government can do about that, other than criticize dishonest and hateful reporting," he concluded. 



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