'Cut Her Head Off': The Shocking Death Threats You Can Receive for Mocking Eastwood's 'American Sniper' Movie

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Michelle Malkin's rightwing rag, Twitchy, published a post yesterday highlighting my criticism of the late American military sniper Chris Kyle, who published a book bragging that he enjoyed killing 160 to 250 Iraqis during his deployments to Iraq at the height of the illegal US invasion and occupation.

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Days earlier, Twitchy posted an even more inflammatory rant denouncing @MaxBlumenthal's critique of Kyle's lust for murder:

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This kicked off an endless flood in our Twitter mentions of outraged rightwing military worshippers who've whipped themselves into a hateful frenzy out of blind obedience to a mass killer.

More on that in a moment, but first....

Because America loves a killer in uniform, Chris Kyle's story was made into a movie called "American Sniper", which debuted in theaters on Christmas day.

Based on reviews, the movie appears to glorify Kyle as an anguished soul who fought to protect American freedoms and suffered in his personal life because of his selfless sacrifice.

What the movie leaves out is that Kyle was practically an admitted sociopath who bragged about how fun it was to kill Iraqi "savages" (that's what he called them), among other things:

Before he died, Kyle started a security training company called Craft International. He designed the company's logo, which plagiarizes the skull from The Punisher and includes the slogan, "Despite what your momma told you violence does solve problems."

The response from the #TCOT community to our public disgust with Kyle's unrepentant racism and serial killer-like enthusiasm for gunning down nonwhite people has been telling.

Some fantasize about ISIS raping and beheading me. Others hope I am killed by a sniper. Most can't spell or write coherently. Nearly all agree that Kyle was a hero and we should be thanking him for killing Iraqis to protect our freedom to tweet.

Here's a sample:

"Send the leftists to Iraq": Where have we heard this before?

My friend and colleague Dan Cohen responded to the above tweet with an excellent point about shared values:

Speaking of Israel, Zionist trolls quickly joined the hatefest, demonstrating the crossover between pro-Israel zealotry and American rightwing sensibilities.

Meet pro-Israel ideologue David Draiman, lead singer of the American metal band Disturbed:

Draiman's Twitter pals respond:

A self-described Christian, conservative Israel-supporter:

There's also a predictable overlap between Chris Kyle fanboys and anti-Semites. Here's one calling @MaxBlumenthal a "Marxist jew boy" for daring to criticize Kyle.

And another accusing Max's "brethren" of murdering 6 million Jews (I don't get it either):

FOX & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck did an entire segment on Max's tweets.

Ex-GOP Senator Scott Brown was so infuriated, he implored Fox News viewers to hold Max accountable.

"It's abbhorant what he said. I would hold him accountable. I'd tell people to get on and let him know their feelings. You can't tolerate this type of blatant distortion of the facts. We are not occupiers," said Brown.

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Next, Scott McEwen, co-writer of Chris Kyle's book "American Sniper", openly fantasized on FOX News about Max being killed by ISIS.

"I would encourage Mr. Blumenthal...to go over and bring his point directly to ISIS right now in Iraq and...see how he is responded to by those that would take and kill every American citizen if they had the opportunity to do so," said McEwen.

(Someone should inform the mindless authoritarians at FOX News that the rise of ISIS is a direct result of the US invasion, occupation and ongoing destruction of Iraq.)

Here's a taste of what Max's mentions look like. Lots of people want him dead, especially after FOX News viewers were encouraged to "hold him accountable. Many are rooting for a designated terrorist group to kill him.

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According to Karl E McF, "capitalists, cops & soldiers" make my existence possible:

Benjamin Williams, a US Army pilot and proud co-host of Sports Sense Not Required on Blog Talk Radio, expressed his desire to use torture techniques on me and Max:

Self-described "pro-life" "patriot" David Prescott is threatening to release my personal information:

More fun:



I'm " an anti-Semitic"

"Attention whore"

At least "twatwaffle" is creative

"Snot-nosed bitch with a laptop"

"Arab camal"

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