'Your word means absolutely nothing': George Santos scolded after denying stealing dying dog's donations

'Your word means absolutely nothing': George Santos scolded after denying stealing dying dog's donations
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United States Congressman George Santos (R-New York) is denying stealing $3,000 from a 2016 GoFundMe that was established to pay for Navy veteran Rich Osthoff's pit bull's medical care. CNN noted that the dog, Sapphire, "passed away about six months after his last contact with Santos."

Santos maintains that the story is false.

"The reports that I would let a dog die is shocking & insane. My work in animal advocacy was the labor of love & hard work. Over the past 24hr I have received pictures of dogs I helped rescue throughout the years along with supportive messages," he tweeted early Thursday afternoon. "These distractions won’t stop me!"

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But given 34-year-old Santos' propensity for fibbing – and GoFundMe banning him over the alleged scam – many were unwilling to take his word for it.

Jon Cooper:

You’re a lying scumbag and your word means absolutely nothing. Everyone knows you’re a total fraud and a shameless conman. Nobody likes you. Nobody trusts you. You’re truly despicable. Crawl back under your rock, George.


You deleted your last tweet about you having photos of reduced dogs — which means LESS. You also went by the Jewish name 'Anthony Zabrovsky' because 'The Jews will give more'

Morten Øverbye:

There is a Facebook post from 2016 documenting the allegation that George Santos stole from a dying dog was made seven years ago, under one of his fake aliases and long before Santos was even in the news.

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Stop lying and f*cking resign already. It’s over.

Elijah Manley:

Lol you killed that poor dog


I would not believe a syllable that crawled out of your mouth. Nor will anyone else. Save it. Shame on you.

Donnie Keshawarz:

These distractions will indeed stop you. I promise. It, sadly, might take 2 years…but they WILL stop you. ~NY voter


You’ve already proven yourself to be a liar. You’ll never be trusted. Santos just wants attention.


So, everyone else is lying about all these allegations? You’re just a fun-loving guy with double knee replacements who played soccer at a college who never heard of you. And whose mother supposedly died in NYC on 9/11 when she wasn’t even in the country at the time.


You have zero credibility. You are not respected by anyone whose respect matters. You are an appalling disgrace & therefore a perfect fit for the corrupt GOP.

F*ckface Von Fishstick:

At this point anybody who takes anything you say seriously is as sharp as a spoon.

Brian Normoyle:

Still another lie with significant 'people are saying' energy. Show the pictures and messages of support, Kitara.

Aegon IV Targaryen, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms:

You lied about your mother dying in the 9/11 attack so the idea that you'd scam a GoFundMe is not actually shocking in any way.

Brian Klaas:

George Santos is basically what would happen if a political scientist designed an experiment to test how shameless modern GOP politics has become. Like 'What would happen if we had someone run who invented their entire life story and let a dog die for profit?' Let’s find out!

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