'Worst game of chicken ever': Fox News host blames Kevin McCarthy's failed speakership bid on the media

'Worst game of chicken ever': Fox News host blames Kevin McCarthy's failed speakership bid on the media
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Fox News panelists on Tuesday's edition of The Five were shaken up over United States Congressman Kevin McCarthy's (R-California) failure to whip enough votes to be elected speaker of the House of Representatives.

But instead of reflecting on the fractures within the Republican Party's conservative caucus, anchor Greg Gutfield blamed media coverage for the debacle.

"So you thought, like, this ballot is a tough one. Wait till you get to that one," pundit Dana Perino remarked.

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"We're just getting started with this kind of drama, Greg," co-host Jesse Watters said to Gutfield, who then launched into a tangent:

Yeah. You know, speaking of drama, you know the difference between that last vote a hundred years ago and this one? This one's on TV. What are we doing? This is what it's caused. If this was relegated to C-SPAN, we wouldn't even know it existed. And they would probably get through it. But because it's on, like, our shows now, they're, like, going like, okay, this is for my future. I'm going to be like, I need to do this and make the people on Twitter happy, or the people or my buddies on television, you know, invite me more often because I'm seen as feisty giving it to the man. But if it wasn't on this, we would know. I brought a –

Perino interjected:

Why is that? I was going to ask.

Gutfield dodged that question and continued his analogy:

I want to fast-forward through it when it's up there. I want to fast-forward because we know what the ending is going to be. Right? The ending is probably going to be McCarthy. But I don't care. I don't care. This is the worst game of chicken ever. It's like, it used to – game of chicken, like, you have a car going at the other and you wait. Not even that. Not even that. It's just bad. It's like the Republicans read a book by the Democrats saying 'how to really screw up your party.'


You must really just love watching this, don't you?

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Host Jessica Tarlov:

Not a bad day to be a Democrat. Dems in array. Please. Headlines everywhere so I won't.

Watch below or at this link.

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