'Embarrassing': Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for fearing 'counter-protesters with noisy pots and pans'

'Embarrassing': Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for fearing 'counter-protesters with noisy pots and pans'
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United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) traveled to New York City on Tuesday to protest Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's historic thirty-four-count felony indictment against former President Donald Trump for allegedly orchestrating three hush money schemes and falsifying business records prior to the 2016 election.

Greene delivered a five-minute address to attendees following a Monday warning from Mayor Eric Adams that inciteful behavior will have consequences.

"I came to New York to peacefully protest against the persecution of an innocent man, not just any man, this is the former president of the United States of America, and the government has been weaponized against him. I'm here to protest and use my voice and take a stand. Every American should take a stand," Greene began. "This is what happens in communist countries, not the United States of America."

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That is totally false. Democratic nations commonly prosecute ex-leaders for criminal activity, making the US an outlier for having never done so prior to Trump.

Continuing on, Greene spouted off a laundry list of debunked claims:

We have to take a stand against the injustice, the corruption, and the communist Democrats who are taking our legal code and twisting it, manipulating it, and perverting it into something that was never meant to be. Donald J. Trump is innocent. This is election interference. The DA Alvin Bragg is nothing but a George Soros-funded tool. He is a tool for the Democrats to try to hijack the 2024 presidential election. This is a travesty, and I'm here as a representative and a member of Congress to take a stand using my First Amendment right to speak out against this. This is, this should never happen in America. Ever. And every single American should be concerned. They're coming after President Trump today, and they will come after you tomorrow. President Trump did nothing wrong. They have nothing to stand on.

Greene then tore into President Joe Biden:

This administration has ripped our borders wide open. This administration is on the verge of World War Three. This administration is sexualizing children and trying to change their gender. This administration is a failure. They have nothing to campaign on, so they've decided to arrest President Trump, who is innocent on the word of a porn star and a felon. This is such a failure and this will not stand. People will not stand for this. For six years, they have lied and said that President Trump would be a threat to democracy. But the real threat of democracy is today when they are arresting him. I cannot believe that this is happening. And here we are. We're standing here in this park in New York City, a city that used to be a great city, but is no more. Crime is up over twenty-two percent and we have a DA here that won't prosecute crime because he is colluding with Biden's Department of Justice to persecute President Trump, who's the top Republican, uh, top Republican candidate for president for 2024. We cannot tolerate this injustice in the United States of America. No more.

She added:

Also to the Mayor, [Eric] Adams: As you can see, I'm sitting here peacefully protesting, but you called me out by name while you allow crime in your streets, and you send your henchman down here to commit assault against people by making loud noises, assault against police officers who are doing their jobs, trying to keep safe, civil, trying to keep the peace, and trying to prevent violence. Democrats are the party of violence. They're the party that enabled and funded and cheered for violent riots all through 2020, and they allow cities to be burned. Two billion dollars worth of damage. That's the Democrat party. But we are the party of peace. We're the party that wants to protect the lives of the unborn. Unborn. We're the party of male and female. Two genders only. We're the party of secure borders. We're the party that will bring peace to the world like President Trump did, not World War Three like Joe Biden is doing. We're the party of economic prosperity. We're the party where every American can live the American dream. But the Democrats are the communists. Democrats are the communists and they're destroying America, destroying freedom. Democrats are the ones that have nothing to campaign for because they are failures and they're proving this today. I wanna thank the New York City Young Republicans for organizing this protest. I wanna thank the press who are here today to cover this protest and allow me to speak and, and spread my word. And I would like to say patriotic Trump supporters who are here today, let's go! MAGA! USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. USA. USA, USA. USA. President Trump will be found innocent. This witch hunt will [unintelligible]. We will not tolerate it. We will not tolerate the hate of the left. God bless America. God bless President Trump. God bless MAGA.

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A few hours after she was whisked away by security, Greene posted a video of her speech to Twitter, where she received a shellacking from people who have grown exhausted by her incessant grandstanding.

Jacob Windrix: "I [heart] New York."

DemsMight: "Stop flexing. You got thrown out of NYC."

Gailen David: "You're trying so hard. It's embarrassing."

Ron Waxman: "You, like Trump, lie every time you open your mouth."

Wu Tang is for the Children: "You came to NY and ran away like the coward that you are because you couldn't handle the NY heat."

Just Vent: "You left 8 mins after you arrived!"

Cal Meacham: "You protested in NYC for a shorter amount of time than Trump was in Stormy."

PushItRealGood: "Reality Check: went to New York City, whined about being threatened by counter-protesters with noisy pots and pans, whined some more while sitting in your car, flew back home!"

Barbara NOT Barb: "Oh, well you had to leave so soon, you missed the part about Trump's mystery child."

Watch Greene's full remarks below or at this link.

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