'What happened to these people?' Illinois Republican scolded for claiming 'we're not having a climate crisis'

'What happened to these people?' Illinois Republican scolded for claiming 'we're not having a climate crisis'
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Illinois State Representative Chris Miller (R-110th District), a farmer by trade, recently claimed that climate change concerns are overblown because of the role trees play in capturing carbon dioxide.

"We're not having a climate crisis, but what we are having is a crisis, crisis of common sense. If you think about it, CO2 uh, manmade CO2 collectively adds up to one-one-hundredth of one percent of the atmosphere around the globe. If you think about the entire CO2, it's about four-one-hundredths of one percent. And there's one thing that I know is that I remember from an Earth science class, there's something called photosynthesis," Miller said, "and it's where green leafy plants actually absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and it's a way God made it, a way to clean up the climate and to keep things in balance the way it should be."

Under ideal conditions, such as a cessation of deforestation and restoration of millions of trees, photosynthesis can aid in mitigating the warming effects of CO2, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration explained in 2019. Indeed, countless studies have definitively concluded that habitat loss and the conversion of forests into acreage to grow feed for livestock are exacerbating the climate emergency.

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Touching on Miller's remarks about God, social media users pointed out that humanity is not treating Earth's biosphere responsibly or sustainably.

Lee Martin: "That's the whole point - we aren't taking care of what God made. We are poor stewards of the earth, in disobedience of his command."

JudyVöluspá: "He's picking small parts of science just like he picks small parts of the Bible."

Thom_777: "Republicans ...always so out of touch, non-empathy and anti-science. What happened to these people?"

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Muad Lib: "And then those plants die and decompose and put all that CO2 right back into the atmosphere."

erick: "Except big corporations are cutting down all the f*cking trees!!!"

Th' Merrie Mephistopholean: "Jesus Christ, are those people in the background not embarrassed to be standing there listening to this dipsh*t?"

Lori Boxrucker: "Stupid runs deep in this party!"

Watch below or at this link.

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