'War has begun': Ex-beauty queen Carrie Prejean attacks Miss Universe for being owned by trans woman

'War has begun': Ex-beauty queen Carrie Prejean attacks Miss Universe for being owned by trans woman
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Former beauty queen turned anti-LGBTQ activist Carrie Prejean is back, and declaring that the Miss Universe Pageant now being owned by a transgender women is a declaration of “war.”

In 2009, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, gained national attention for her response to a question by a gay blogger at the Miss USA Pageant about same-sex marriage.

What followed were repeated efforts to capitalize on her anti-LGBTQ fame, including a short stint as a spokesperson for NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, an anti-LGBTQ organization that aggressively attempted to prevent same-sex couples from gaining the legal right to marriage.

(That group to this day, according to its website, is chaired by John Eastman, the now-infamous attorney and author of Donald Trump’s “coup memo,” which promoted the false claim that Vice President Mike Pence could refuse to count certain state electors in an attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair presidential election.)

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NOM, in a secret strategy memo, called for the organization to use “glamorous non-cognitive elites” to promote the belief that LGBTQ people should be denied the same rights to marriage as different-sex couples. Prejean apparently was one of those the anti-LGBTQ organization used for that purpose, as NCRM reported.

Her time in the spotlight did not end there. In addition to a lawsuit against the Miss USA pageant, in 2009, Radar reported, “There are 30 nude photos and eight sex tapes of former Miss California Carrie Prejean, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.”

Calling it “the most shocking turn yet in a scandal that has continued to follow the woman whose anti-gay marriage stance led to a national controversy and pitted her against pageant organizers,” Radar added: “Stripped of her crown, Prejean sued the Miss California USA pageant but reportedly settled after the sex tape surfaced. She called the sex tape the biggest mistake of her life.”

Months earlier, Huffpost reported that Prejean had given “a rambling speech” at “the Family Research Council’s ‘Values Voters Summit’ in which she repeatedly invoked God, saying her answer on gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant ‘was a moment to stick up for Him and for the truth.'”

“She also said without a hint of irony: ‘I’m not really into politics, at least I wasn’t at the time. But now I have a new outlook on this. And I am disgusted at the way some people can be so intolerant. It disgusts me.'”

Prejean, now Carrie Prejean Boller after her marriage to the NFL’s Kyle Boller, remade herself into an anti-mask MAGA activist.

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In August of 2021, NCRM reported Prejean was on the advisory board of Women For Trump, and her Instagram page already had a post that called for President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

She was filmed speaking at a local California school board meeting, a venue she chose to launch both an attack on its members over her opposition to masks during the COVID pandemic, and to announce she would campaign against the school board – all while declaring the pandemic is now “over,” which it was not.

“My name is Carrie Boller, you see my shirt it says ‘mama,’ and I’m a mama bear and I know there’s a lot of mama bears here tonight,” she declared, seeming to echo Sarah Palin.

“No one’s gonna mess with our cubs. I’m a resident of Encinitas, born and raised San Diegan, and tonight I’m simply here to tell you to unmask our children, we’re done begging.”

“In fact, we’re done asking for permission. We are going to be unmasking our children today,” she declared. “The pandemic is over, the parents are done. We’re done asking you, public servants, for permission. We are done, you can all wear your masks in fact you can wear two masks and three masks, you can wear gloves you can have plexiglass. You can do whatever you need to do to keep you safe, but we the parents believe we have a choice for our children, and I don’t know who you think you are, that you think that you have more of a say than us the parents and our doctors.”

“I don’t know who any of you think you are. I really don’t. It ends today, we are declaring our freedom, tonight. We do not consent to the lies, fear-mongering, and abuse – you all know it’s abuse,” she claimed, apparently referring to mask mandates.

Last year Prejean reportedly told Fox News that members of a California school board were “groomers” who should be “put in jail” for supporting a Halloween drag performance event. The school board was not hosting the event.

Prejean, still a MAGA acolyte, is now launching an attack on transgender people, especially trans women, over the Miss Universe Pageant now being owned by a transgender woman. She calls that a declaration of war on women.

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“It’s gonna be up to the conservative woman, ultimately the mama bear, which we’ve been seeing a ton of. It’s gonna be up to us to say no more,” Prejean said, speaking on the far-right One America News (OAN).

“You know, this is how they declare war, they slapped down their flag, they asked us to take on their language, erasing, you know, the language as we know it, and then demanding that we accept this as the norm and we’re not going to accept it.”

“War has begun,” Prejean declared. “The war on women has begun and we say, ‘no more.’ And now we’re seeing the Miss Universe Organization being a weaponized vessel to disempower women and eliminate women, any race women, all together. It’s really sad and I want to empower all women to rise up and stand up against this, this is not okay.”

Watch below or at this link.

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