Trump Re-Election Campaign Has Spent Over $1 Million in Legal Bills Since January

Two of the firms are involved in the legal fight with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Whether Donald Trump will attempt to run for a second "presidential" term in 2020 is an open question. True, his re-election campaign launched almost immediately after he moved into the White House, but as of yet the Donald Trump 2020 campaign appears to largely exist as a way for Donald Trump to get his dimwitted supporters to pay his team's legal bills.

So far this year, the campaign has spent about $1.2 million on those legal fees.

Eight law firms and the Trump Corporation were paid by the campaign for legal consulting. The bulk of the Trump campaign's legal spending, or about $180,000, went to the law firm Jones Day. Two others firms — Harder LLP and Larocca, Hornik, Rosen, Greenberg & Blaha, which are involved in the legal fight with [Stormy] Daniels — were paid a combined nearly $54,000.

That's right, you family values voters. If you've donated to the Trump/Pence re-election campaign there's a good chance part of your money went to help defend Donald in his legal battles to silence the porn star he cheated on Melania with. Or to defend former bodyguard Keith Schiller. Or to defend Trump "lawyer" Michael Cohen.

Because all those people need a lot of defending, and that ain't cheap, and we can hardly ask Donald Trump, supposed super-mega-billionaire, to chip in himself. No, that's your task, Trump supporters. You poor, dumb suckers.



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