Buckle up: Trump expected to hold more rallies as Mick Mulvaney becomes chief of staff

Now that Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney has become Donald Trump's next sacrificial chief of staff, a job he wanted very very badly to get, according to Politico, the obvious question is whether Mulvaney will run afoul of Trump's ego in the manner that former chiefs Reince Priebus and John Kelly so quickly did. Will he attempt to rein in Trump's worst impulses? Will he try his best to pressure Trump into not wasting his days away watching Fox & Friends or shouting at clouds? Will he try to limit the number of weird Trump friends and family members who can call him up or waltz into the Oval Office and suggest, to Donald, yet another new grift or bizarre rewrite of the nation's governing policies?

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Here's Even More Proof That Ivanka Trump Is Just as Crooked As Her dad - And Why We Should Stop Pretending Otherwise

The whole Trump family is crooked. all of them. The only way any of these carnival barkers have been able to stay afloat the last few decades is by cheating everyone around them. Donald, Uday, Qusay, and The Good One are all quite certain that neither laws nor ethics could possibly apply to them.

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Blasey Ford's Legal Team Sends Another Letter to FBI With List of Witnesses They Declined to Interview

To say Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's legal team is unsatisfied with the sharply limited FBI investigation into her accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be a profound understatement. In a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray, they list off numerous key witnesses that were not contacted by the FBI despite their clear relevance to the case, including those she previously told of the assault.

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Remembering When Donald Trump Falsely Accused 5 Boys of Rape - And Actually Ruined Their Lives

"I think that it's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of," Trump said Tuesday afternoon outside the White House. "This is a very difficult time." [...]

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Donald Trump Has A Meltdown Over 'Fake' New York Times Report Even As He Admits McGahn Spoke to Mueller

Well, Trump is on a tear again. And it's the fault of the New York Times, which he doesn't read and is dumb and stupid and shut up.

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The Propaganda Is Working: Trump Voters Call MS-13 a 'Serious' Threat to the US - But That's Simply Not True

Donald Trump's support is based on racism. And the racism is based on Republican conspiracy theories. And those conspiracy theories are now, thanks to White House propaganda, taking root within his racist, gullible base.

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Trump Re-Election Campaign Has Spent Over $1 Million in Legal Bills Since January

Whether Donald Trump will attempt to run for a second "presidential" term in 2020 is an open question. True, his re-election campaign launched almost immediately after he moved into the White House, but as of yet the Donald Trump 2020 campaign appears to largely exist as a way for Donald Trump to get his dimwitted supporters to pay his team's legal bills.

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Trump Calls for Asylum Seekers to Be Expelled 'Immediately' - Without 'Judges or Court Cases'

This morning Donald Trump again made the goals of his new policies clear–and again escalated his demands, this time to declare that refugees entering America be sent back 'immediately', and without trial.

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Trump's Aides Hired Israeli Spy Team to Help Discredit American Negotiators of the Iran Deal: Report

The Guardian reports that although Donald Trump and his team have access to all the resources of a presidency, it's still not enough: In an effort to bolster their bid to withdraw from the multilateral Iran nuclear deal, the Trump team hired an Israeli-based agency to probe for secret "dirt" they could use against the American officials who negotiated it.

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