Conway: Trump’s 'apocalyptic rhetoric' goads 'not very smart' people into 'extremely dangerous' behavior

Conway: Trump’s 'apocalyptic rhetoric' goads 'not very smart' people into 'extremely dangerous' behavior
Image via screengrab/MSNBC.

Conservative attorney George Conway told MSNBC's Joy Reid on Wednesday's edition of The ReidOut that thrice-indicted former President Donald Trump is "encouraging the violence" and "empowers" extremist behavior.

The segment began with Reid playing a clip of multiple New Hampshire Trump supporters threatening civil war if Trump is convicted of fomenting a coup to overthrow the federal government after he lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden:

    • That's Nazi Germany. Hitler. You can't silence your political opponents because you don't agree with them. Joe Biden should be in prison for his bribes... Uh, civil War. Civil War. Divide it up because we can't live together, obviously.
    • The vote was stolen. I believe it in my heart. Remember, they blew up one of the, uh, election quarters where they kept all of the Dominion machines. Why'd that blow up? And if he wants me to protect him, I'm gonna go in there. I'm gonna let him know that I'll do it.

Reid noted that "it's easy to say, 'Well those are, you know, some senior citizens, but this guy was 75 in Utah," in reference to a man that called for a "presidential assassination" whom the Federal Bureau of Investigation shot and killed on Wednesday.

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"Right," Conway concurred. "And all it takes is one man with one gun on one incident and you kill a few people. And that's, that's what's the scary, that's the scary aspect of it."

Conway explained that "Donald Trump creates a permission structure that these people would not otherwise have to do this. He basically endorses this. He encourages it. He engages in what social scientists call paralipsis, which is the use of words that have two meanings. That's what he told people on January 6th. 'Let's fight. You need to fight for your country.' He uses apocalyptic rhetoric. People will be very upset. He's encouraging the violence and then saying, 'Well, I didn't mean that literally.' But they know what he means."

Conway stressed that Trump's rhetoric is the "sort of thing actually empowers these people, these people who think that they're, you know, they feel put upon and that they're helpless and they really are because they're not very smart and they're, they're very isolated. But he empowers them. He makes them part of an army and that is exceedingly dangerous."

Watch below or at this link.

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