'Did this guy take a class in dumb?' House Republican burned for calling renewable energy 'nonsense'

'Did this guy take a class in dumb?' House Republican burned for calling renewable energy 'nonsense'
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Editor's note: The original version of this article incorrectly attributed Republican Tennessee Representative Andy Ogles' Christmas card to Burchett. The story has been updated.

Hours after declaring that 'we're not going to fix' the uniquely American problem of pervasive gun violence in the wake of Monday's mass shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, United States Congressman Tim Burchett (R-Tennessee) suggested on Tuesday that renewable sources of energy are ineffective and inefficient wastes of time and money:

The Biden administration, and unfortunately the Democrats in Congress keep pushing these Green New Deal-style agendas. Honestly, Mr. Speaker, they just don't work. There hasn't been a new development in solar in over twenty years, and windmills are just what they are. Windmills. The wind doesn't always blow, and the Sun doesn't always shine in East Tennessee, and I'm sure that's the way it is across this great nation and it's costing Americans way too much. We're done with all this nonsense, Mr. Speaker.

Social media tore into Burchett over his remarks.

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.H.Ɔ.ꟼ: "Did this guy take a class in dumb?"

Adrienne Lawrence, Esq.: "Did he run on a platform of ineptitude? Between his 'nothing is going to change' about mass shootings this morning and now this, I'm astonished."

Jedseph: "Imagine if they actually did research before rambling."

Dr. Grumpy Biologist: "He's never heard of battery storage. Sad! That folksy twang doesn't fool me because I have the same accent :)."

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Average Dude: "He forgets hydropower to start with and 'solar panels' as well as 'solar boilers' (water heating) work perfectly in winter conditions too (at a lower turnout but that is a relative factor as also in summer you can have lower turnouts even when to hot for PV panels)."

Joc Doc: "All I hear: 'Human existence, we’re done with this nonsense.' ~Rep. Burchett."

Andra&Co: "The oil won't always flow either."

Dave: "I've been off-grid Solar for 12 years now and every time I grab a cold beer out of the fridge, I say 'this is nonsense.'"

Brandon Renkes: "Actually yes, the wind is always blowing and the sun is always shining."

BlueStateBabeOnCounterSocial: "And yet, the wind and the sun are two of the main forces that have shaped and given energy to this planet for literally billions of years."

Kay: "This the guy who said he won't do anything against gun violence?"

Conor Jeory: "Oh right. can't do anything about anything."

Watch below or at this link.

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