'Stupid fake Christian': Twitter goes nuclear on Mike Pence for wanting mifepristone 'off the market'

'Stupid fake Christian': Twitter goes nuclear on Mike Pence for wanting mifepristone 'off the market'
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Former Vice President Mike Pence has weighed in on the United States Supreme Court's halting of Northern District of Texas Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk's April 7th ruling that overturned the Food and Drug Administration's long-standing approval of the "abortion pill" mifepristone.

Pence, a right-wing evangelical who opposes reproductive liberty and marriage equality, spouted off several dubious claims to CBS News correspondent Robert Costa on Sunday's edition of Face the Nation.

Pence, whose opposition to LGBTQI+ rights during his tenure as the governor of Indiana resulted in an HIV outbreak, declared that the abortifacient is dangerous, that the FDA illegally gave it the green light, and that President Joe Biden has imperiled women by making the medication easier to access. Pence even went so far as to call for mifepristone to be eliminated entirely.

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Decades of data have demonstrated that mifepristone – which is also prescribed to patients who miscarry – is safer than "most other" common drugs including penicillin, Viagra, and Tylenol, and there is no evidence that the FDA engaged in underhanded tactics when it evaluated the drug.

Nonetheless, Pence proudly joined the growing chorus of conservative voices that are championing Kacsmaryk's unscientific decision:

I'm pro-life. I don't apologize for it. I, uh, I think the fact the Biden administration allowed mifepristone to be made available on a mail-order basis was a, a fundamental change. Uh, even in states that have limited abortion. I'd like to see this medication off the market to protect the unborn, but also I, I, I have deep concerns about the way the FDA went about approving mifepristone twenty years ago.

I, I, I'm, uh, that action is being taken in the courts to hold the FDA accountable to what the law requires in reviewing any medication that's made on the marketplace. So for the sake of protecting the unborn, but also, uh, for the health and safety of women, uh, I, I'm looking forward to this, uh, this litigation continuing, uh, and holding the manufacturers of mifepristone accountable and ultimately, and putting the interests of women first.

Pence, who is also jockeying himself into the race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, earned himself an absolutely brutal drubbing on social media following the airing of his interview with Costa.

Twitter users were none too happy with CBS News for giving him free airtime, either.

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Jo: "Mifepristone is safer than over-the-counter acetaminophen. This ain't about the FDA 'the health and safety of women.' It's about control. The end."

Art Martin: "Pence is a religious zealot who wants women to be chattels of the state. Why do media keep interviewing him? He has zero chance of being the GOP nominee."

Russell Drew: "Fact: Mike Pence is not a doctor. He is just a sanctimonious political hack, who plays one on TV. American women don't need his advice or mandates."

Novelette Drydon: "Lying Christian Pence can go to hell. He was there when this drug was approved 20 years ago. He didn't have any concerns then, and only now, that stupid fake Christian conservatives, who control our state house, are forcing women to follow their asinine beliefs."

pastajoe: "When will Pence be advocating for leeches and bloodletting?"

Bridget: "Oh look man weighs in on women's reproductive health medication. It's a good thing. He will never be president."

Jeffrey Levy: "He makes my skin crawl."

Patricia Yamane: "Blithering idiot."

RSC: "If he had such deep concerns, where was he 20 years ago?"

The USA Singers: "The presidential campaign of Mike Pence is so dead that it's about to get a blue checkmark from Elon Musk."

Patrick J. Kiger: "I have deep concerns about why CBS News is even bothering to interview this guy. He's not even a longshot for the GOP nomination."

Watch below or at this link.

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