Missouri GOP secretary of state: Changing genders 'impossible' like 'spray painting a brick of lead'

Missouri GOP secretary of state: Changing genders 'impossible' like 'spray painting a brick of lead'
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Missouri's Republican secretary of state and recently declared gubernatorial candidate Jay Ashcroft declared that changing a person's gender is "impossible" during a Tuesday appearance on CNN.

"So, so you're talking about what you agree with, with the attorney general in terms of this bill and, and that is children. I, I'm asking you specifically why you say this shouldn't apply to adults," anchor Bianna Golodryga said.

"Well, unfortunately, although I, I, I don't think anyone should go through this process because it's a lie to say that you can change from a man to a woman or a woman to a man through surgery. It just doesn't happen. It's like spray painting a brick of lead and saying, 'look, I have a brick of gold.' You don't, you have a brick of lead that's been spray painted," Ashcroft proclaimed.

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"Um, but I also believe that in our country, uh, adults have a right to make their own decisions with what they're gonna do with their own money. Now, if they want to use my money, if they want to require me to say that it's a right thing or a good thing, that's different. But if, if you have someone that's an adult that they can make their own decision as to, to what they wanna do, and I support that," Ashcroft continued.

"Do you think that state lawmakers have more expertise in this specific area than major medical associations and doctors?" Golodryga asked.

"Well, I mean, we have major medical associations that are saying that you can change from a man to a woman based on surgery. So clearly medical major medical associations don't know what they're talking about. Uh, you cannot change from a man or, or to a woman or from a woman to a man through surgery. It, it, it's, it's not a chemical process that transforms you. It bolts something onto you or cuts something off of you. It does not change you between being a man or a woman," Ashcroft reiterated. "Clearly, the legislature understands this better because they say that this isn't true and it's not."

Golodryga pushed back a third time.

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"But, but Secretary, I know you, for example, have an engineering and legal background. I don't believe you have a medical background," she pointed out. "So how can you say that with such affirmation that, that you believe some lawmakers in this state know better than many doctors who believe that this care is actually crucial for some of these people that are going through this process right now for their mental health and wellbeing?"

Ashcroft simply doubled down.

"I would never say that every member of our legislature knows better than every doctor when it comes to every sort of potential medical practice there is," he said. "But it doesn't take a medical degree. It doesn't take an engineering degree to know the difference between men and women."

The blowback was immense.

REFrankel: "People who have no idea what they're talking about shouldn’t hold positions of authority where they can affect the lives of other people. If we could somehow make that happen… I think that would be good."

Jo: "F*ck him."

Art Martin: "He is the son of torture enthusiast John Ashcroft, who was AG under Bush Jr."

— • 𝗖 𝗛 𝗘 𝗘 𝗞 𝗬 • —: "Trans surgery is fixing a broken heart much like my daughter's heart surgery fixed a hole in her heart that would have killed her. At least try to undertrans. Biology doesn't have fixed norms. Evolution depends on variations & experiments. It happens in the entire animal "Queendom". Learn something. Don't judge."

MYSTIC I AM JACK'S SUBPOENAS: "@MissouriSOS you are NOT a doctor. You are NOT qualified to speak on any medical procedures. Your HATE will not overcome our LOVE."

Sha Sha: "And WHY does he even give a crap? Nobody is telling him he has to do anything. What an ignorant busybody. He needs to kind his own effing business. What an AH."

BlueStateBabeOnCounterSocial: "And yet, people DO paint over bricks when they want their homes to have a different vibe and present a different image that matches what they themselves want their house to be. Not comparing trans folk to houses. Just pointing out his analogy sucks."

Laurie Strode's Revenge: "Imagine if I told my colon surgeon he didn't know what he was talking about yesterday, right before they wheeled me into the OR…."

Nicky Pelosi: "'Clearly major medical associations don't know what they're talking about' basically sums up the current GOP policy platform."

Paige Carita: "Yeah I'm sure the Missouri AG is up to date on all the research on the neurobiology of gender. Why are the loudest people so often the most ignorant?"

Julie: "I can feel Bianna's discomfort. His interview was STUNNINGLY, unapologetically, lacking empathy. Dude was angry at the benign Q's. Not sure how she held it together. At least she pushed back...probably as hard as @CNN allows nowadays. @JayAshcroftMO is a reprehensible human."

Watch below or at this link.

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