'So we’re legislating nothing': Texas Democrat stumps GOP sponsor of anti-'tyrannical government' bill

'So we’re legislating nothing': Texas Democrat stumps GOP sponsor of anti-'tyrannical government' bill
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Texas State Representative Jarvis Johnson (D-Houston) stumped State Representative Carrie Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) during last Thursday's debate over a proposal that Isaac sponsored to supposedly shield Texans from California's "tyrannical government."

Chron explained on Friday that "House Bill 3137 stops a municipality from instituting regulations surrounding the transfer, possession, wearing, carrying, ownership, storage, transportation, licensing, or registration of firearms, air guns, knives, ammunition, or firearm-related gun supplies or accessories. At the same time, the bill prohibits local governments from requiring gun owners to get liability insurance for damages resulting from negligent or willful acts involving firearms."

The outlet also noted that "according to a February report by Reuters, the San Jose bill passed in January 2022 with an ordinance requiring gun owners to obtain liability insurance to cover negligence or accidents from using firearms. The San Jose bill also requires gun owners to pay a yearly fee to gun violence prevention organizations the city manager picks. Due to pending litigation, the bill hasn't been enforced in the city yet."

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Bit by bit, Johnson poked holes in Isaac's assertions.

"What does your bill specifically do?" Johnson asked Isaac.

"It will not allow municipalities to require insurance on firearms," Isaac replied.

"So otherwise, other words, does your bill prohibit mayors, city councils, and county commissioners from legally governing themselves when it comes to guns?" Johnson wondered.

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"They do not have this right," Isaac declared.

"They don't have the right to do what?" Johnson followed up.

"To infringe upon our second amendment," Isaac said.

"Who — you mean again, cities, mayors," Johnson clarified.

"Correct," Isaac confirmed.

"Do mayors, city councils, and county commissioners have a right to pass laws that protect the citizens of their community?" Johnson posited.

"As long as it doesn't infringe on our constitutional rights," Isaac responded as her comrades began surrounding her.

"The constitutional right to do what?" Johnson pressed.

"To protect ourselves with our Second Amendment," Isaac proclaimed.

"From what?" Johnson continued.

"From a tyrannical government," Isaac reiterated.

"A tyrannical government. Which government currently is being tyrannical?" Johnson asked.

"Say that again, I'm sorry," Isaac requested.

"Which government is currently being tyrannical?" Johnson repeated.

Isaac struggled to provide a coherent answer.

"Yeah. It would prevent any tyrannical gun, any tyrannical," she said amid whispers from her colleagues.

"Is there a municipality currently that this law is in place?" Johnson asked.

"That's not what this is about," a male voice grumbles.

"Yes, actually there is," Isaac stated.

"Where?" asked Johnson.

"San Jose, California," Isaac said.

"Oh, I, I didn't know we were California. I'm asking in Texas..." Johnson quipped.

"I'm sorry, say that again," Isaac requested again.

"Is there a city in Texas?" Johnson asked more forcefully.

At this point, Isaac was being fed answers.

"Answer every question. Keep saying what you want us say," Isaac was told.

"Um, no, there is not, and that's the, and this still will prevent that from happening here in Texas," Isaac insisted.

"So then that means we're legislating nothing?" Johnson pointed out.

"We're preventing it from happening here in Texas," Isaac shot back.

"So it hasn't happened yet," Johnson said.

"That's correct," Isaac agreed.

"So, again, we're legislating nothing," Johnson added.

"Don't California my Texas," Isaac snapped.

"Are we legislating nothing?" Johnson asked one last time, albeit in vain. "So we're legislating nothing."

Watch below or at this link.

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