'Rule by local warlords?' Marjorie Taylor Greene pilloried after endorsing secession for towns and counties

'Rule by local warlords?' Marjorie Taylor Greene pilloried after endorsing secession for towns and counties
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United States Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) has had a rough week facing blowback after sharing controversial – and false – opinions on topics ranging from Russia's war against Ukraine to President Joe Biden's approach to healthcare.

But on Tuesday evening's edition of Fox News host Sean Hannity's show, Greene put forth another claim – that municipalities, no matter how big or small – should have the right to declare their independence from their home states or counties.

"You're talking about reducing the size, power of the federal government, giving more power to the states, in other words, federalism is a good thing. What would you say about cases like we see, um, counties in Oregon wanting to join Idaho? We see Buckhead. I used to live in, in Georgia for four years where you are, um, and Buckhead wants to separate, for example, from Atlanta, have their own police department, their own government," Hannity said.

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"So you have these, these examples where people want to join up with another state or another county or another town, um, that should they have the right to do that?" Hannity asked Greene.

"Absolutely," Greene replied.

"Don't we believe in freedom in America? Isn't that what America is all about? Is it's, it's the, it's the people and their choices and the freedom to do so," she added. "I'm a huge supporter of Buckhead City."

Right on cue, Twitter pounced on Greene, who has a history of coddling secessionism and recently called for a "national divorce."

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Ted: "Her husband couldn't wait to secede from their house."

Jeff Tiedrich: "divorced from reality is more like it."

PAPPY BEST: "Counties divorcing themselves from the state. Most of these counties that she's talking about are probably rural counties. How much money do these rural counties take in from the federal government in the form of farm subsidies? She talks an awful lot but thinks very little."

George Santos' Alter Ego: "Isn’t this literally in the constitution as a big-time no-no. No matter what you call it, divorce, secession, whatever. It's a direct violation."

SomeOldGuy: "States divorce the country. Counties divorce the state. Cities divorce the County. Neighborhoods divorce the City. Individual houses divorce the Neighborhood. Everyone is their own country. Is that the plan? Do I get my own flag?"

Kalle Nemvalts: "Why doesn't Greene go all the way and call for rule by local warlords? You know, the way they do it places that have overcome the tyranny of national governments."

PhoenixRangerProdigalSon: "She wants individual counties splitting from their States? How the hell would that NOT result in a Civil War? You think that Blue States would allow pieces of a relatively hostile Red America, to be present in its States? No one wants a Transnistria situation in America, MTG."

Dimforest: "Just wait until all the blue counties pull from the red states and they're just left with all that barren land they keep bragging about during election cycles."

Prince Ali: "Very patriotic position: not only should the country dissolve, but the larger states into which it would dissolve should also themselves dissolve. Sounds honestly like something somebody who absolutely loathes and despises this country would suggest, a foreign dictator maybe."

Watch below or at this link.

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