Ex-GOP strategist lays out the fatal flaws in DeSantis and Tim Scott’s campaign launches

Ex-GOP strategist lays out the fatal flaws in DeSantis and Tim Scott’s campaign launches

In late May, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) officially jumped in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. Supporters of both Republicans are touting them as alternatives to frontrunner Donald Trump and insist that they would be better equipped to take on Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden in the general election.

Never Trump conservative and former GOP strategist Tim Miller evaluates their presidential campaign launches in a humorous but edgy video posted by The Bulwark on May 31. Miller argues that Trump's "well-funded opponents" both have messages that, in theory, should appeal to Republican primary voters — but adds that ultimately, they are in weak positions against the former president.

Miller gives Scott an A- from a messaging standpoint, a D for his "vibe with 2024 GOP voters" and an F for his "ability to dunk on Trump."

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"In a presidential campaign," the former Republican strategist explains, "people knowing your elevator pitch is really important, and Scott has a clear message that I kinda like: optimism, cheery conservatism, that 'shining city on the hill' s**t…. The problem is, having a good, clear message doesn't matter if it's not the kind of thing voters are lookin' for. Scott's sunny themes might've been a better fit for the compassionate conservative GOP of yesteryear—not the MAGA crowd that will decide this year's campaign."

Miller gives DeSantis an A+ for messaging but a D for his "ability to dunk on Trump."

The Never Trumper isn't a DeSantis fan; he has been a scathing critic of the Florida governor's far-right culture-war politics and the MAGA movement in general. But he argues that having a Trump-like message without being Trump could appeal to GOP primary voters — that is, if Trump himself were not running.

"DeSantis has the best elevator pitch for this primary: Ditch the biggest loser for a winner who got MAGA results," Miller tells viewers. "But can he deliver it?.... Head-to-head with Trump is where it could get really ugly. Trump's ads are crushing Ron, and in his stump speech, Trump is a rabid dog going straight for the jugular, while DeSantis offers this whiny-voiced passive-aggressive pushback."

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View Tim Miller's full video below or at this link.

Grading Trump's 2024 GOP Challengers | Not My Party with Tim Millerwww.youtube.com

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