Nikki Haley demands New York governor 'pardon' Jordan Neely’s accused killer Daniel Penny

Nikki Haley demands New York governor 'pardon' Jordan Neely’s accused killer Daniel Penny
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Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has demanded that New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) grant clemency to ex-United States Marine Daniel Penny, whom Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged with second-degree manslaughter on May 12th for the May 1st, 2023 killing of thirty-year-old Jordan Neely.

"Neely was behaving in a 'hostile and erratic manner,' according to the police," The New York Timesexplained on Wednesday. "Juan Alberto Vazquez, a journalist who filmed the choking, said that after Mr. Neely boarded the F train at the Second Avenue station, he began yelling that he was thirsty, hungry and 'ready to die.' Prosecutors said Mr. Neely was 'making threats and scaring passengers' when Mr. Penny came up from behind and placed him in a chokehold."

The incident triggered dual waves of protests in defense of both Neely and Penny, respectively. One camp argues that Neely was unjustly murdered by a vigilante, while the other maintains that Penny did nothing wrong and that Neely deserved to die. Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass is leading the city's investigation.

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Haley — a former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador — aligned herself with the latter on Tuesday night's edition of Fox News Tonight.

"Where are you on this incident between Daniel Penny and Jordan Neely?" host Will Cain asked.

Haley responded:

This is really upsetting because here you have Alvin Bragg. I mean, he's got, he's letting murderers go. He's letting street crime happen all over New York City, and here, I'm the wife of a combat veteran. Here you have a former military guy, where it's in their blood to defend and protect. He saw danger. He was trying to protect himself and the other people on that Subway and the idea that Bragg would go and indict him this way without an investigation, without any sort of grand jury, really what I think needs to happen, the governor needs to pardon Penny, no question about it. She needs to pardon him right away. It's the right thing to do.

This is — if they don't, criminals will continue to rule the streets of New York because they will know that there's no accountability for anyone who tries to stop them. And if she pardons him, that sets a right on a lot of things. It'll put criminals on notice, and it'll let people like Penny, who really were very brave in that instance, it will let them know that we've got their back.

Watch below or at this link.

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