Nebraska Republican invokes racist 'Great Replacement Theory' during debate on six-week abortion ban

Nebraska Republican invokes racist 'Great Replacement Theory' during debate on six-week abortion ban
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Lawmakers in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature began debate over a proposed six-week abortion ban on Wednesday.

The Nebraska Heartbeat Act "would ban abortions once cardiac activity can be detected" and contains "exceptions for rape, incest or if a mother's life is in danger" as well as "complications in pregnancies, miscarriage and in vitro fertilization," Omaha's KETV explains.

Medical experts have long maintained that there is no heart to generate a rhythm at six weeks. Instead, "the embryo will develop a tube that generates sporadic electrical impulses that eventually coordinate into rhythmic pulses. Six weeks of pregnancy is closer to four weeks of actual development, because pregnancy is measured from the first day of a woman's last period, before she is actually pregnant," NBC News noted last year.

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But that assessment has not deterred "pro-life" Republicans from continuing their assaults on reproductive freedom, nor has it imprinted itself on the sponsors of this type of legislation.

"We have got to start saving these unborn children with beating hearts," said State Senator Joni Abrecht (R-17th District). "We are taking care of women. We are taking care of the doctors. We are most importantly, taking care of the mothers and the babies."

Yet Albrech is not the only conservative peddling spurious arguments to support their efforts to deprive women of their rights.

During a floor speech on Wednesday, State Senator Steve Erdman (R-47th District) invoked the racist "Great Replacement Theory" and complained about unfilled jobs to justify the restrictions.

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"We have killed two thousand babies since abortion became legal. Those are two thousand people in the state of Nebraska that could be working and filling some of those positions that we have vacancies. They're not here. Our state population has not grown except by those foreigners who have moved here, or refugees who have been placed here," Erdman said. "Why is that? It's because we've killed two hundred thousand people. These are people we've killed."

Watch below or at this link.

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