'Solutions must be rooted in facts': Gen-Z congressman easily dismantles top GOP anti-immigration talking point

'Solutions must be rooted in facts': Gen-Z congressman easily dismantles top GOP anti-immigration talking point
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United States Congressman Maxwell Frost (D-Florida), the first Generation Z lawmaker elected to the House of Representatives, drowned Republican criticisms of President Joe Biden's immigration policies during a Monday hearing on border security.

Speaking with Customs and Border Protection Chief Patrol Agents Gloria Chavez of the Rio Grande Valley Sector and John Modlin of the Tucson Sector, Frost took aim at the GOP's rhetoric.

"You know, it's unfortunate that this hearing started off with a ton of hyperbole and posturing saying that President Biden and his administration have created the worst border crisis in American history. That isn't about oversight. It's about stoking the fears of immigrants and those seeking asylum. And it's something I take personally as a son of a Cuban refugee," Frost said. "Look for, for many folks around the country who might only watch far-right media or just listen to even some of the folks on this committee."

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Frost posited the same simple question to each of the officials.

"I'm, I'm curious, uh, Chief Chavez. When President Biden took office, did your agents stop enforcing the border and just allow everybody to come in thus creating what we hear here is, is an open border? Did that happen when the president took office?" he asked.

"Sir, thank you for your question. Uh, the answer is no, sir. We continue to enforce policy and loss," Chavez replied.

"Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it," Frost responded, after which he turned to Modlin.

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"When President Biden took office, did the board border just open and did y'all stop enforcing your policies?" he wondered.

"Also, thank you for your question, sir. I can. I can tell you, this is the fifth administration I've worked for, starting with the Clinton administration and Border Patrol agents do their job every day," Modlin confirmed.

"Thank you. I appreciate it," Frost continued. "Look, I mean, look, as y'all probably realize by now, a lot of these hearings are not really about solutions. They're about politics. And for me, I believe solutions must be rooted in facts."

Watch below or at this link.

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