'She sounds really angry': MN GOP Rep. condemned for indignantly refusing to respect gender preferences

'She sounds really angry': MN GOP Rep. condemned for indignantly refusing to respect gender preferences
Minnesota State Rep. Walter Hudson (R), Image via Screengrab

Minnesota Republican State Rep. Walter Hudson suggested he will not address people, including his colleagues, by their preferred pronouns during a House debate regarding trans refuge legislation.

The bill, which "would block other states' laws that are meant to ban or reduce access to gender-affirming care," passed early Friday morning.

Heartland Signal shared a clip of the GOP lawmaker's rant, writing, "Minnesota State Rep. Walter Hudson (R-Albertville) goes on an anti-trans tirade, threatens to misgender one of his colleagues and is gaveled out of order: 'I'm not respecting your preferences because you don't own reality. You don't own grammar.'"

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In the video, Hudson continued, "You're not important enough to provide me with an instruction manual on how to talk to you. Are you kidding?How important do you have to think you are to list at the bottom of your emails — and yeah, I see you laughing about it, it's hilarious isn't it."

He proceeded to ask "what are the consequences" if he chose not to address his colleague, Democratic State Rep. Leigh Finke — who became the state's first out transgender lawmaker in November — by her correct pronouns.

Twitter users immediately lambasted the state representative for his remarks.

@chrislynnbarney: "Dude would not know reality if it bit him in the butt."

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@WendyPetrin: "She sounds really angry"

Alec Hamilton: "A disgusting display by someone who is supposed to be a leader."

Brian Evans: "Republicans in Minnesota lose elections because they act like jerks. It's honestly that simple. The more they keep this up, the more they'll lose. The more they lose, the easier this will be to ignore. Enjoy irrelevance, @mngop. You've earned it."

Quincy Powe: "What a disgusting and repulsive response to people who deserve to be respected. This is not only dangerous what he is doing but it’s just flat out wrong. Respect who people are or respectfully sit tf down and shut it."

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@KarenThose: "What a horse's rear-end that guy is."

@JuanBodley: "Self-righteous prick"

@LouClinicEscort: "This guy is really mad about...calling people by what they introduce themselves as. Wow."

@srosssktg: "It's hard to respect the dignity of others when you have no shame yourself."

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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